How National will paralyse democracy (According to Martyn Martin)

A photo of government ministers grovelling to the Opposition, begging not to be shanked

Always useful to keep an eye on what the other blogs are thinking because generally, they were wrong about Labour.   Now that they are talking about National, they might get a better hit rate.

National will use the gains they have on Select Committees to stop and slow down the entire legislative agenda of the new Government.

National will call on massive public engagement from their voters and their financial backers to slow down the Select Committee process and scream about democracy being under attack if they aren’t allowed to have every Farmer and rich property owner in front of the Select Committee to complain about any new law.

National will have the audacity to paint themselves as the true champions of democracy despite doing more to erode democracy over the last 10 years than Nazi Germany ever managed against us in World War 2.

It’s World War II Martin.  Geebuz.   And no, that’s not eleven.

The mainstream media will of course pick up this new narrative of National being Democracy’s white knight and rather than highlighting their hypocrisy will unquestioningly spread this view of National.

Expect that relative you don’t like much who you are forced to see at Christmas each year to start declaring National are the true defenders of democracy, just try not to choke on the Christmas Lunch when they do this.

That will be their tactics inside Parliament, outside Parliament they will be searching for attacks that can symbolically represent all the fictitious complaints they have against Labour so expect well resourced smears against Unions. Watch how septic the repeal of the Hobbit law will become, look for stories that claim life is getting too easy for prisoners and watch how new attacks against Teachers who offend against students will become the next news craze.

Winning against National is one thing, governing over them while the mainstream media is totally hostile towards you is another and at this stage it doesn’t seem the Labour Party, Greens or NZ First have the behind the scenes think tank who can game play these scenarios out well enough to not get tripped up.

I don’t think anyone inside the new Government yet understands how National will turn the Select Committees into public witch hunts.

The funny thing is that Labour has used these same tactics during the last nine years.  None of this is new.  National MPs will remember the frustration and pain.  They are ready to deliver some Utu of their own.

The major difference this term is that the opposition is large, experienced and knows the processes better than most of the muppets in Labour.  No wonder they were asking for National to play nice.

They’ve got no bloody idea what they’re doing.

In the meantime, leftie blogs are framing what is to come as National being saboteurs of democracy.  Not so.  They are the opposition and it is their job to make the little girls and boys in Labour work for their victories.


– The Daily Blog


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