New Barbie shows that girls can be anything, even a wrapped lollipop

American fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad Image Mattel


The doll is the latest Barbie “Shero,” which is a line of Barbies modeled after real-life inspirational women […] The doll was unveiled at Glamour’s Woman of the Year Summit on Nov. 13.[…]

Mattel’s Barbie modelled on the American fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad has muscular legs and wears a hijab.Photograph courtesy Mattel

 […]  it’s also the very first one in Barbie’s 58-year history to wear a hijab.
Because nothing says equality and freedom quite like a woman whose entire body is viewed as a piece of candy that exists only for the pleasure of and consumption of Muslim men. The “inspirational” woman who Covered Candy Barbie is modelled after ( see below) looks like she is wearing a dressing gown over a wetsuit and pyjama pants. Since she is attending the Glamour’s Woman of the Year Summit I can only conclude that she was their token Muslim as there is nothing remotely glamorous about her.


Are we seriously meant to celebrate the fact that her male handlers gave her permission to compete as long as she wore a performance diminishing candy cover? The day a Muslim woman competes in a sport with the freedom to compete on an equal playing field unencumbered by the dictates of her patriarchal, political ideology is the day we should celebrate.
I can’t wait for the S&M Barbie edition where we will be inspired by the doll that manages to look stylish despite being tied up by Ken. After all, as Covered Candy Barbie has shown us, girls can be anything, even a wrapped lollipop. Anything to keep the men happy huh girls?


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