Now look here people, stop making Julie Anne Genter look bad

Julie-Ann Genter, Green Party

Mere weeks into the job and the road toll is making this Associate Minister look like she’s got a tiger by the tail.

The news that the road toll for 2017 has now surpassed the total for 2016 is tragic news, says Associate Minister for Transport Julie Anne Genter.

“This year we’ve already seen 330 people lose their lives on New Zealand’s roads.

“Every death on our roads is a tragedy and the high number this year is quite simply unacceptable.

“The road toll has been going up over the last four years and is now the highest it’s been since 2010. My number one priority in the transport portfolio is to bring the road toll down.

“In recent years expensive roading projects have been the priority and road safety has taken a back seat.

“This government will be exploring all options to improve road safety including reallocating funding to target high risk roads.

“Every life lost leaves behind a devastated family and community. We have to do better.

“In addition, all of us have a responsibility to make our roads safer. It’s the basics, like wearing a seatbelt at all times, driving to the conditions, and stopping a mate from driving home drunk,” said Ms Genter.

Finger wagging and guilt trips aren’t going to do it.  Neither is lying about the “previous government” not having invested in road safety and suggesting insufficient money is spent in that area.

National has worked hard to deal with black spots.  Speed cameras have gone into more locations.  Brand new stretches of roading are built for safety and higher speeds.

All this looks like code for Ms Genter to take more money from roading and put it into cycle lanes and light rail, even though the trucking industry is begging for more and better roads.

Another factor is fatalities where there is just one driver.  They are being clocked up as “Road Toll”, while a proportion deserve to be classified as suicides.


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