NZ Human Rights Commission supports the right to be wrong

“It is not that we think we are another sex or that we want to be another sex – we are another sex.” — Ryan Baker.

I think people who suffer from confusion or delusions should be helped and supported. I do not think that we should reinforce their delusions. For example, if I tell everyone that I don’t think that I am Martyn Bradbury, or that I want to be Martyn Bradbury but that I literally am Martyn Bradbury and that my preferred personal pronoun is Wrongly Wrongson, I would hope that they would point out to me (gently and kindly) that I am not, in fact, Martyn Bradbury.

The NZ Human Rights Commission judging by their recent facebook post appear to think that it is a human right to be wrong and that my friends, workmates and family should go along with my delusion that I am in fact, Martyn Bradbury.

Epsom Girls Grammar School students Ryan Baker and Alex Curtis are two of seven transgender boys currently attending the ...


Epsom Girls Grammar School students Ryan Baker and Alex Curtis are two of seven transgender boys currently attending the school.

[…] It didn’t matter what people thought they saw when they looked at her, Rhiannon knew she “was nothing along the lines of a girl” and began to stop identifying with her birth gender.

She can think whatever she likes and she can cut her hair short but it will not change the biological facts any more than me identifying as an attack helicopter will magically turn me into a machine that can fly. Anorexic girls believe that they are fat but that does not change the fact that they are emaciated.

Rhiannon’s intermediate school was a “fairly conservative” school in Ellerslie with a roll call of fewer than 300 students, all of who knew Rhiannon as a girl. 

Yes, because that is what she physically and biologically is. The only difference between her school then and her school now is that her high school is prepared to lie to her and go along with her confusion and delusion. Nothing much else has changed. She got a haircut and is allowed to wear trousers.

Near the end of 2016, with the shift from intermediate to high school on the horizon, Rhiannon saw an opportunity for further transition.

Epsom Girls Grammar School students Ryan Baker and Alex Curtis say students and teachers are supportive of their transition.


Epsom Girls Grammar School students Ryan Baker and Alex Curtis say students and teachers are supportive of their transition.

Rhiannon enrolled at Epsom Girls Grammar School (EGGS) – a decile nine school for girls ranging from years 9 to 13 in Epsom, Auckland.

She cut off her hair and said goodbye to Rhiannon, and on January 31, wearing a gender-neutral uniform, Ryan walked through the front gate of EGGS for the first time.


Within a few days Ryan, now 14, found a support group for transgender teenagers called Trans Tea Time, where he met six other transgender boys – some of whom had been identifying as male for more than three years and some just like Ryan.

The group, aged 13 to 18, includes boys from all different cultural backgrounds – New Zealand European, Indian, Māori and Samoan.

Ryan was relieved at the level of support the school offered students undergoing a gender change.

EGGS head of counselling Jeannie Grant, who has worked in Auckland schools for 20 years and is completing her PhD on diversity in New Zealand, lends support to the students.

[…] The fact that EGGS has seven transgender students is not surprising, Grant says.

“There are transgender students at most schools in New Zealand, but they are not going to come out unless the school offers support,” she says.

There you have it in a nutshell. These students can only pretend that they are what they aren’t if adults who should know better lie to them and “support” their human right to be wrong. What’s next? There are young people who identify as animals. Will schools start providing stables or kitty litter boxes for them?

In addition to Trans Tea Time, EGGS offers a support group for LGBT students called Prison Break and a support group specifically for Asian LGBT students called EGGquasian.

EGGS also has gender-neutral uniforms and bathrooms, and both teachers and students are expected to use preferred pronouns. 

So these girls who say they are boys have the right to be wrong but teachers and other students are “expected” ie forced to tell lies and use grammatically incorrect made up pronouns. What about their rights to tell the truth and be factually accurate? A teacher in the UK has already been threatened with losing his job for the crime of using the wrong pronoun!



Ryan says he has never been bullied and both teachers and students have made him feel comfortable with his new identity.

“To be honest, sometimes I wish I could be at school all the time because school accepts me as a transgender male while some of my family members do not,” Ryan says.

That is because your family members love you enough to tell you the truth Ryan. Your school on the other hand only cares about being politically correct. They don’t care about the truth or the long-term consequences for your happiness and health.

Some of Ryan’s family members say he is going through a “phase” or experiencing trauma from his parents’ divorce.

“Sometimes my mother still calls me she,” Ryan says softly.

His mother thinks it could be harmful if Ryan “changed his mind”, he says.

Ryan’s mother is right. The hormones and surgery do irreparable harm and there is a high level of suicide for people who suffer from this confusion regardless of whether they damage their body or not.

“It is not that we think we are another sex or that we want to be another sex – we are another sex. And believe me, no one would transition for fun, it is definitely not fun, and it is not easy,” Ryan says. […]

Which is why Ryan should listen to the ones who love her and have her best interests at heart, not her politically correct school who will not have to pick up the pieces later like her family.


 – Sunday Star Times

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