Most people missed this, because the ex-motor pool mechanic delivered the speech

This speech by Ron Mark was missed by most in the media, mainly because the ex-motor pool mechanic delivered the speech.

He delivered it because Winston Peters was on a plane overseas because of his role as Foreign Minister.

That isn’t Ron Mark’s speech, that is Winston’s speech and I only realised as I was reviewing last week’s parliament.

The speech provides the context for the law suits, and contrary to National’s claims it seems Winston knows altogether much more than they realised.

If they weren’t listening because the mechanic was speaking then more fool them.

National needs to be in opposition and they need to get rid of Bill English, because sooner rather than later he is going to be sitting in the witness box explaining why it was that he was the man on the billboards, the man with the title of Prime Minister, the man who had his face in all the videos, the man who could rightfully claim to have eased our way through the global financial crisis but that didn’t even have even a clue what his campaign team were up to, including his Chief of Staff. He is going to have to use the Sgt. Shultz defence, and how credible is that? It certainly isn’t the kind of credibility that people would want for a Prime Minister, much less the leader of a party.

Bill English has form on denying all knowledge of course. Nicky has written two books about National people…including the one about me. Guess who isn’t in any of them in any substantive manner, and guess who is on record as saying that he doesn’t like any of that stuff…even though he was deputy leader and deputy prime minister at various times in both books.

He also claimed he knew nothing about the contretemps between Todd Barclay and Glenys Dickson, despite advising Barclay how to handle it all, sending in his Chief of Staff and a board member to smooth the way. Despite sending hundreds of texts he claims he knew nothing…even though dozens of texts were sent on pertinent days. He even claimed he knew nothing despite Glenys Dickson apparently being present when he was interviewed at his house in Dipton as revealed by her cellphone ring.

How can one man pretend to know so little?





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