Here they are: The perennial ‘free food parcel demand means we are worse off’ stories are back

And all on the same Monday morning.  What a “coincidence”!

Follow me on this thought experiment.

If you could go somewhere local for free petrol, would you go?

If you turned up and it said “only ask if you really need a free tank”, would you turn away?

Can you imagine a percentage of people that can afford a tank of petrol still going there to fill up?

Can you imagine a percentage of people that can afford a tank of petrol turning up with several different vehicles driven by different family members?

Can you imagine people driving from Hamilton to Auckland just to get a free tank of petrol?

The people at the Salvation Army have their heart in the right place, but until they vet the true need of their “customers” and keep an inter-agency database to catch out abusers, this is just a scam to drive up donations.

I’m  just waiting for a perennial piece by that clown at Mangere Budgeting Services next.  He is another one that is competing for the gullible heartstrings.

Show me real need, and I’ll show you real charity.  But don’t give things away for free with no strings attached.  That’s just feeding a woman for a day and not teaching her to fish.


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