Phil Goff reduced to spending less pocket money while the Council sucks money down a black hole

via Stuff

Credit where it is due, at least Phil Goff is trying to do a “do as I do”.

Auckland’s mayor Phil Goff seems to be on-track to deliver on his promise to run a more frugal office than his predecessor Len Brown.

While lower staff costs are where most of the savings have been made, some of it can be explained by a change in accounting practices, and maybe that simply less is being done.

Mr Goff has made his own office the example of “more for less” which he hopes the wider council organisation will follow.

On the election trail he called for an across the board cut of 3-6 percent in council spending.

On the Monday after winning the 2016 election he pledged to spend 3 percent less in his office than the average spend of his predecessor across the previous three-year term.

On an apples-with-apples comparison, Mr Goff’s mayoral office spent $581,906 between July and September this year, compared with the $756,810 spent by Mr Brown’s administration two years earlier when it was in full flight, mid-term.

That’s after stripping out the one-off overseas trips taken in both of those three month periods, and also the depreciation and running costs of Mr Brown’s personal mayoral car. The car was a luxury which Mr Goff publicly rejected. Sort of.

It’s mere tokenism.  But important tokenism.  Unfortunately, the Council itself will not follow suit.  Its never-ending thirst for more money is unsatisfied, and cutting budgets is simply not going to be an option.

So in two years from now, the Council will have saved you $0, but Phil Goff saved a few hundred thousand that has since been spent on something else.





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