Public Health Official compares McDonalds to Pablo Escobar

Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Alistair Humphrey

I missed this last week.

Publicly funded health officials and scientists are going hammer and tongs attacking people they disagree with.

While three of them are conducting lawfare against freedom of speech, another is crusading against McDonalds comparing them to a notorious drug cartel boss who killed thousands.

McDonald’s and its namesake charity Ronald McDonald House have been compared to the late Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Alistair Humphrey made the comment as he joined a chorus of medical professionals speaking out against the charity, which supports sick children and their families.

The Public Health Association’s Otago-Southland branch has called for the charity house not to be included in the future rebuild of Dunedin Hospital.

This is utterly retarded and a deliberate defamatory attack. It’s a shame companies like McDonalds don’t muscle up against people like this.

Humphrey told Stuff that McDonald’s made a lot of money “out of selling a product that is killing a lot of New Zealanders”.

He likened the fast food giant and its charity to Escobar, who was revered for building homes for the poor in Colombia, despite killing 4000 people.

About 4 million people die from obesity each year, including 3000 in New Zealand.

What an insane comparison. This guy should actually be removed from his position for showing bias. He’s a public health official and here he is seriously defaming a company…comparing them to a drug lord. It reminds me of another public health scientist who called supermarket owners drug dealers because they legally sell alcohol…the same guy who called for hand sanitizer to be banned in case alcoholics tried to drink it.

The sad thing is the media entertain these lunatics.


Humphrey, who did not support the facility in Christchurch, congratulated Public Health South and hoped the Southern DHB endorsed their stance.

Those who opposed had a “similar misguided gratitude” to the 25,000 people who attended Escobar’s funeral.

“They are drawing themselves into the deal with the devil, in my view.”

Several years ago I predicted attacks like this, against what these health zealots call Big Food. So far all of my predictions at that conference have come true. Again, it is a shame that the companies and their representatives and lobbyists lack the courage to actually smack these guys back.





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