Ready to intervene? Really? What are you going to do luv? Wag your finger?

Jacinda Ardern reckons NZ is ready to intervene in North Korea.


What is she actually going to be able to do?

The Prime Minister says North Korea is “absolutely a genuine and real threat” and New Zealand is ready to play a role if requested.

Jacinda Ardern told Patrick Gower on Three’s The Nation on Saturday all world leaders need to play a role in deescalating the situation.

“We’ve seen significant increases in testing and the capability of those tests,” Jacinda Ardern told Patrick Gower on Three’s The Nation.

“Every [world leader] needs to … put pressure on Pyongyang to make sure they are responding to the sanctions and messages coming from the international community.”

All options are being explored by the New Zealand Government, Ms Ardern says, but she remains firm military intervention is a last resort, and only if it had United Nations support.

“One of the reasons we’re so firm on that is we’re yet to exhaust all of the channels that we have.”

In the past Foreign Minister Winston Peters has been requested by the United States administration to navigate a situation with North Korea – something Ms Ardern calls “an asset”.

“To date we haven’t had that request, but we remain absolutely available to play whatever role that we can.

“That speaks to the level of diplomacy and level of relationship I’ve seen Mr Peters has with members of the international community.

“I’d never be closed off to the option.”

Oh right…I see…she wants to wag her finger some more.

She knows nothing whatsoever about Koreans and in particular short-arsed, fat dictators. They don’t care about sanctions, they’ve lived with them since 1953.

At some point bombs, guns, ships, planes and boots on the ground are going to have to deal with this little prick, not weasel-words from socialist wannabes.

God, she is an embarrassment. It’s like she’s been snorting coke and just blurting stuff out.




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