Red Vernon finally comes out


Everyone around Wellington and the Press Gallery knows that Vernon Small looked at life through red tinted glasses. I’ve seen him at social events with Labour flunkies and ministers before, like at the Martinborough concert events.

For those who have previously thought Vernon was a fair and balanced journo wonder no more, he’s off to work for David Parker as his press secretary.

Clearly his skills are more needed there than as a plant inside Fairfax.??

Richard Harman reports via his daily email:

Vernon Small, a Chess International Master, and one of the few practising journalists in New Zealand to hold a Ph D (in English) is to leave the Fairfax Press Gallery team to become? Trade Minister David Parker’s Press Secretary. Small was also president of the New Zealand Journalists’ Union and is regarded as one of the real heavyweights of New Zealand political journalism. Labour has also recruited Alex Tarrant, an economic journalist for? Grant Robertson?s Chief Press Secretary. Though much younger, Tarrant is also regarded as one of the ?serious? journalists within the Gallery. The defections come as uncertainty sweeps through the main stream media with the pressure to grow website audiences at the expense of serious analytical journalism.

I think we need a system like they have in the US where you register your support. That is how we know that newsrooms in the US are 95% Democrat.

I shudder to think what the demographics of political leanings are in our media. I would suggest it would be similar to the US…95% would be pinkos.