The Winston Legacy

For months the media pundits have attempted to second-guess the 2017 Election, and for the last several weeks the polls indicated a strong dissatisfaction trend or frustration trend, as is entirely normal following a third term government, but instead of this trend favoring the strongest organised opposition, as has been the case in the past, the trend manifested in a protest vote favoring one of the least reliable and most notorious policy dropping leaders, namely Winston Peters, known somewhat sneeringly by his detractors as “Winston First”.

This trend was pushed along by the disgusting debacle of a Greens co-leader admitting to fraud, followed closely by a Greens very own horror movie script, wherein the only ecological substance that justified the “Green” image was unceremoniously dumped by the strong arm communist cabal, that in turn fully endorsed the admitted fraud and praised the co-leader. This departure from common justice and common values saw the green vote slump by well over half, right before the election.

Not to be outdone the leader of the opposition embroiled himself in an entirely unsavoury slur upon a highly respected elderly businessman and incurred the totally avoidable attention of the court, wherein this opposition leader declared to the court, his enduring financial poverty, and it gave the voting public the opportunity, not only to appraise the principles of this mean-spirited member, but to compare the poverty of spirit to the poverty of circumstance, and decide if this member would be an adequate representative worthy of their vote. Significantly the polls recorded the lowest level for the Labor opposition party in recent history, as news of this event spread.

Winston made the most of those poll results and promised the nation an end to the festering apartheid problem embedded within our law and administration, Winston did this by promising his “Bottom line policy”, that he would require a “Full public referendum” on the retention of the Maori seats, NO conditions were attached or made public, just an unconditional public promise of a referendum.

Many frustrated voters looked past all Winston’s obvious faults and their concerns over other NZ First leftish Policy, to see a major reversal of the obnoxious evil of apartheid, and gave a party vote for Winston, based primarily on that one restorative policy.

Those trusting voters were DUPED, they were lied to, Winston seized his own power, by sacrificing the one policy that gave him his voting numbers and put him in that position of power.

It is a travesty of natural justice.

Perhaps the only greater irony is, that the slur maker who came before the courts, has become the Minister of Justice in Winston’s Government.

Uncompromised, Yeah Right.

Is it any wonder that the Australian Media refer to this government as the “Government of losers”.

Many of the media have wondered as to what “legacy” Winston would want to make his own.

They conjectured improvements to Northland, monuments to transport, silver plated GoldCard provisions, but none of these will be exceptional in the annals of history because Winston has already created his most profound and lasting legacy, for which he will be remembered in history for all time.

Winston and Winston alone was the man who made a promise and defaulted, and yet he, Winston, “enabled” the very first totally?COMMUNIST dominated Government?in all New Zealand history. A lasting legacy.

As they pray in the house, God save New Zealand.

Goodbye NZ First, Goodbye Winston.

This post was written by Intern Staff