Unexpected move by Education Minister: introduces more paperwork for teachers

Credit: Luke

Parents will have better information about their children’s learning following Government assurances today that schools will be required to report on the full curriculum – not just children’s results in the three National Standards subjects, says NZEI Te Riu Roa.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins today assured Parliament that the replacement for National Standards will be a requirement for schools to report to parents on their children’s progress in all areas of the curriculum.

“This will have a hugely positive influence on children’s learning, which repeated studies have shown has been restricted by a narrow focus on success in National Standards,” NZEI president Lynda Stuart said.

“While there has been some questions about what will replace National Standards, the fact is the standards were never needed in the first place. Schools reported on the full breadth of the curriculum before the standards were introduced, and teachers will be delighted to do that again.

“Its about time that children are encouraged to explore the full, rich curriculum , without schools feeling pressured to focus largely on only the three subjects the former Government considered worthy of measurement.

“Our members welcome the return to quality reporting about children’s learning and look forward to hearing when they will no longer be required to report National Standards to the Ministry.

“We look forward to seeing the full timetable for the scrapping of compulsory national standards,which the Minister says is with Cabinet for signoff now,” Ms Stuart said.

Labour is good at breaking things, and taking the wrecking ball to education has turned out to be more than a metaphor.

Hipkins is cancelling National Standards that report on three core competency areas just so that he can replace it with something that reports on even more areas.  Such as sewing.  Home ec.  Drama, music and art.

I love the “Our members welcome the return to quality reporting”.  Members?  Our members?  Union members?

I doubt they will “welcome” it at all.  But as good little lefties, they’re going to take the extra paperwork and not complain.  This clearly is not a win for teachers.

Labour is their saviour from that Nasty National after all.  Even if that means they have to have even less class time and more admin time.

Weird.  But then most things about this Government so far has been weird.


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