After voting for Labour, Christchurch gets the same treatment as Maori

The new Minister responsible for Christchurch’s anchor projects is cynically misrepresenting official information, National’s Spokesperson for Greater Christchurch Regeneration Matt Doocey says.

“Megan Woods’ announcement today proclaiming she is getting the Metro Sports Facility ‘back on track’ is nothing more than hot air and spin, and is clearly designed to mask the new Government’s decision to scale back the facility.

“It is inaccurate of the Minister to say the project is expected to exceed its budget by $75 million.

“In actual fact, much of the $75 million is an estimate to cover the estimated risk and given the ground conditions in Christchurch and the experience gained by contractors working in these conditions on the Justice Precinct, this is not surprising,” Mr Doocey says.

“She is deliberately misrepresenting the facts. The risk-sharing component may never need to be paid if the contract goes well, but public sector financing rules require it to be entered on the books.

Megan Woods has seized upon this to scale back – what would have been – a world class facility.

Mr Doocey says this cynical political move will actually add further delays to completing the project.

“Great things do take time and the challenges familiar to any property developer in Christchurch – such as site decontamination and earthquake resilient designs – have all been completed for the Metro Facility.

“Thanks to the new Minister’s apparent need to stop progress in its tracks, sadly it looks like Christchurch is going to get nothing more than a suburban swimming complex with only average facilities.”

Labour does not want to be associated with the huge financial black hole that is National’s Earthquake effort and is already pulling money out of the region.

But like a battered wife, they’ll vote Labour again in 2020.  And to be honest, Christchurch deserves it.  This country was put on hold to solve their problems, and rightly so.  But beyond basic infrastructure, they really need to stop having their hands out at the expense of everyone else.

What amuses me most is that a change of government clearly hasn’t delivered the free money Christchurch was hoping to get.

Politicians lie.  Who knew?


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