“Well that didn’t take long”

A photo of government ministers grovelling to the Opposition, begging not to be shanked

It’s not just pundits that cannot believe Labour’s incompetence.  Media are equally flabbergasted.

Well that didn’t take long. Two weeks and the paint has started to chip off the new Government. After a couple of moments of questionable truthfulness over the last week, the new mob are starting to look a lot more like the last lot, where truthfulness wasn’t a high priority.

The most audacious bout of Labour’s truth-bending came on the first day of Parliament this week when the king of all logistical cock-ups played out. The drama probably generated flurries of “WTF” texts between political nerds, but it’s pretty esoteric to the rest of us, so I’ll just give you bullet points.

Labour and National started the day fighting the world’s dullest battle over Select Committee numbers. Labour had the swagger of power, telling National exactly how things were going to be. By mid-afternoon, National had won. Labour struck a deal giving in to National because it had ballsed up the vote to get Trevor Mallard into the Speaker’s job.

That was a pretty big embarrassment on the very first day of Parliament. It was maybe predictable and probably forgivable given the massive group of MPs Labour’s whips are trying to corral. But what wasn’t forgivable was then telling us the whole thing went swimmingly and, actually, the deal was struck just to be decent.


A perfect real-life example of people in their own reality bubble.  A bit like Monty Python’s Black Knight sketch… ’tis but a scratch!   Add that to Jacinda saying she never lies…  She clearly lies to herself. 

But when you see spin in one place, you start to see it everywhere.

For example, it’s an interesting exercise to compare this left-wing Government with Justin Trudeau’s left-wing Canadian Government. Where Ardern is “relentlessly positive”, Trudeau talks of his “sunny ways”.

Ardern says “we can do better”. Trudeau says “we can do better”. Ardern’s Cabinet arrived at the Government swearing in a humble bus. Trudeau’s Cabinet got dropped off by bus too.

All those things look hollow when you realise there’s a playbook.
When you lift the bonnet, it’s all the same underneath. Politicians will be politicians will be politicians. They’re not always going to be up front with us. They are going to spin.

Labour are devoid of political instinct.  At some level they realise they’re not that good at it, so now they are following a formula.  Problem is, things happen that needs political instinct.  Like the debacle in the House on the first day.

What did Trudeau do?  Nothing in the manual?  Shit!


– Heather du Plessis-Allan, NZ Herald


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