December 2017

Sunday Nightcap

August 3, 2017 – Dennis Prager speaking about the Left’s threat to Western Civilization at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Aug. 3rd evening honouring Dr. Robert Shillman in Newport Coast, California.

The Dancing Cossacks 2017

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Sunday Stand-up

CAUTION:? Bad language and adult themes are common in stand-up comedy

Mr Busy hands (completely innocent, trust me)

Cop tickets self-driving car

Daily Roundup

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Man of the year

Like him or loathe him there has never been a president like him. Right from the start, he was up against incredible odds including an opposition willing to cheat at the ballot box yet he still triumphed. Once elected he had to fight to be allowed to do his job. He was slowed down and held up repeatedly by legal warfare but he persisted. Members of his own party continued to try to ankle tap and undermine him but he refused to give up. The opposition tried to impeach him and threw pity parties in the streets but he kept going. Despite all the odds he still got things done and kept his promises. I have never seen another President quite like Donald Trump.

It?s that time of the year when media outlets write up the people and trends who defined the year while ignoring the man who redefined it.

2017 was the year that the United States of America got up off its knees. It was the year that we stopped following the world and started leading it. It was the year that our booming economy accomplished the impossible. It was the year that we became a great nation again.

And one man is responsible for that.

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A peek at the past: Extracts from a reader’s memoirs

Guest Post: Chapter three:

World War 2.

The beginning of the end.

Scarborough | Sea Britain
Sea Britain

When I was 12 my parents sold our house and we moved to?Scarborough, a seaside town.

It was a small fishing port and there were Victorian buildings but many were much older, even dating back to the 15th?century. There was a Spa there also.??The town at that time had a rather ?select? reputation, having obviously grown during Victorian times as the use of the Spa became fashionable.??It had two bays, and on the cliff separating them stood the ruins of the Castle, which was actually shelled during WW1.??Also on the cliff was St. Mary?s Church and that dated from Norman times.

There were many large hotels, the most prominent of which was a large Victorian edifice, ?The Grand? which overlooked the seafront from its splendid position on the cliff.

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