The unholy alliance between the left and Islam

Guest Post

I was intrigued by a comment yesterday in the Whale Oil General Debate about the unholy alliance between the left and Islam.? At first blush it is a grotesque absurdity.? If nothing else it reinforces the blatant hypocrisy of socialists.? The contradictions between typical left wing thinking and their positions on a range of political, social and religious issues and what Islam stands for are startling at best and plain deceptive and extremely dangerous at worst.

A quick and incomplete list of the differences that should result in anything but the pandering acquiescence that exists now:

  1. Treatment of women as servants, child machines, having a lesser status.
  2. Treatment of young girls including genital mutilation
  3. Position of LGBT. ?throw them off a high building?.
  4. Position on abortion
  5. Position on conservative sexual morality and marriage.
  6. Position on religion generally ? ?opiate of the masses?.
  7. Hierarchical system and extreme punishment inherent in Sharia law.
  8. Separation of church and state

Fuelling the degree of hypocrisy is that any of the above positions adopted by Christianity would lead to heaps of derision and antipathy from the left.

It does not seem possible that such obvious and fundamental differences could be ?overlooked? in the support the left offers Muslims.? Even a quick review of the relationship between the left and Islam in the UK and Europe shows socialist leaders defending Islam and even taking a ?soft? position on terrorism attacks.? Disreputable leaders like Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn, all have taken a mealy mouthed approach to the heinous actions of Muslim extremists.

So what is so demanding of socialists that they can turn a blind eye to so much contradiction?

  1. Joint hatred of all things Israeli and Jewish. For centuries the liberal left and Muslims have vented their spleen on anything to do with Jews and Israel.? Illogical but true.
  2. Joint hatred of all things American. President Trump has managed to incite even greater antipathy and disdain among the left and Islam.
  3. Joint hatred of all things Christian. Nothing needs to be added.
  4. Muslims are depicted by socialists as a repressed minority. Socialists drool over the injustices to so-called under dogs. ?Pity is they have no sustainable solutions.? It is more important to maintain the repression and the feigned support than fix the problem.? Muslims in the West are still in a minority although at a growth rate of 15 ? 20% p.a. that is changing scarily and quickly.
  5. Socialists believe multi-culturalism and tolerance are vital ingredients of a modern society. Cosying up to any and all racial and cultural groups is a sign of societal maturity to the left.? They remain in denial of multi-culturalism?s abject failure and the mayhem and wreckage it has created leading to media blackouts because the problems are so horrific.? Western courts turn themselves inside out to find reasons to excuse rape and assaults if the perpetrator is not white, Christian or English. There is nothing as arrogant as a leftie, especially those academic types who make superciliousness a practised art form. They pontificate on how we must tolerate every ideal they cherish demonstrating the most dangerous intolerance of all ? a love of freedom.
  6. The socialists warped view that Islam is anti-imperialistic, replacing the long proven and successful Judaeo-Christian ethics and the tenets of democracy, property rights, freedom of speech and capitalism that have given the world its greatest era of development and increases in humanity since Roman times. Lefties will woo anything and anyone that promises an end to Western society.

They hate colonialism despite it lifting natives out of barbarism and poverty.? Despite Muslims historically being aggressively imperialistic and, today, using a range of methods to proselytise the left somehow see Muslims as ushering in a period of pacifism and equality.? How bizarre.

The really sad thing is that there are Muslims seeking to reform Islam to remove its outdated and more sinister elements.? All the airhead socialists are achieving is stopping such changes.

An article like this would never get used by the mainstream media because it offends their sensitivities and counters the established narrative.? Thank goodness for blogs and Whale Oil where the truth and a range of views can be laid out.

But, for how long??? Earlier this year the obsequious Trudeau allowed a measure into his Parliament suppressing free speech, in the name of being anti-hate speech but only naming Muslims as the potential offended party.

Be very afraid ? they are coming for us.


-Name withheld by request