Double the Refugee Quota Double the Fun

Guest Post:

Did you hear the great news? New Zealand has just agreed to double their refugee quota in 2018 and also radically expand refugee family reunification.

Kiwis Urged to Extend Hand to Refugees as NZ Quota Set to Double

Funny how an announcement as important as this would be buried on Boxing Day and barely reported anywhere. I only saw one article on TVNZ and nothing anywhere else.

Along with a portion of the 600 extra emergency places for refugees fleeing the Syrian crisis New Zealand’s 2016 intake was just 0.02% of the current 4.6 million population.

And Japan’s was only 26 in 2016 and around 3 in 2017. By a strange coincidence, Japan also has had exactly zero bomb attacks, no mysterious outbreaks in rapes, beatings, assaults, stabbings, and no people being run over by trucks making a wrong turn down a busy sidewalk full of children. Going from 26 to 3 is the kind of refugee quota I can get behind. Domo arigato.

We’re really pleased the government has confirmed its policy to double the quota, we’d like to see that policy implemented as quickly as possible,” National Migration Programmes Manager for the Red Cross, Rachel O’Connor told 1 NEWS.

The Red Cross’s business model has become an extremely simple two-step process of late:

  1.  Flood Western countries with third-world refugees and guilt people into donating.
  2. Wait for imported third-world refugees to cause acts of terror and other violence against the native population and then go out and raise money to help the victims.

Also, don’t forget to donate blood because the Red Cross will need it after the first bomb goes off. Touché, bigots.

Credit: Luke

But don’t worry, our lazy eyed lawyer Golriz Ghahraman is here to make sure she gloats about what a gift she is giving us this Christmas. And I promise you, dear readers, this gift will be giving us nothing but great things for many generations.

Green Party MP and refugee, Golriz Ghahraman says her party will continue to work with the government on their policy to increase the quota to 4000 over six years.

Golriz, first of all, wants to make sure, yet again, that we all know she’s a refugee. She is above reproach as to her motives.

Her background is a gripping tale of her parents reacting to the imminent threat of a war that ended years earlier and took place over 1000km away from where she actually lived. Her parents country shopped until they found some people that were suckers compassionate and got on a plane and graced New Zealand with their presence.

As they were desperate and poor, the Ghahramans could only afford a coach ticket to fly half-way around the world instead of a First Class ticket to a much closer safe country like Jordan or Turkey. Even worse, I bet they couldn’t even rent the headphones to watch the in-flight entertainment for the long arduous air-conditioned and well-fed journey. Golriz’s suffering knows no bounds.

The article continues:

The good news is refugees actually quite quickly do move on after receiving that initial wraparound service, they do integrate; they do end up over-achieving in things like education and health.

Yes, they are all overachievers. That’s why their countries were such remarkable places and they decided to slum it for a while in Western nations to see how the other half live. Sweden reports that 494 of the 163,000 asylum seekers since 2015 are actually employed now. The other 162,506 living on benefits are simply overachievers you see.

As the quota doubles this coming year, the Family Reunification Category will also be increased. ’So that’s something that is one of the wins we got,’ said Ms Ghahraman.”

And really, how else can we describe a massive increase in reunification (aka. chain migration) for refugees other than a win for everyone? Germany, Sweden, France, U.K. and the United States have hit the diversity lottery with their reunification strategies. We should be so lucky.

I wonder though why this win wasn’t discussed more openly? Where is NZ First on this win? Surely, they’d be the ones to celebrate the loudest based on their past statements. I hear Winston loves a good party.

In any event, we are about to win bigly. You see, family reunification means that each refugee could bring many family members with them. Instead of just being 1500 people a year under the new quota, it could actually be 10 times this number over time. Each year. Talk about winning. And since we know already from the U.S. and Europe that many of these family reunification applications are fraudulent, we’ll be winning good and hard.

We were, however, only able to confirm all claimed biological relationships in fewer than 20% of cases (family units).

-U.S State Department

80% fraud rates on family reunification for refugees. You see, they are overachievers! (Note to self: Invest in DNA testing companies in New Zealand for a potential business spike.)

Ms. Ghahraman continues:

And no one deserves to be in a war, to raise their kids under rubble.

Indeed. And Western nations do not deserve to have to raise their children by having war, poverty and dysfunction brought to them. We do not want our countries turned into police states, our towns locked down during our celebrations, our culture insulted and told to change, and our wives, sisters and daughters preyed upon by hostile foreigners that want us to pay for their existence. But it’s not about us, now is it?

Yet, it can’t be anything but about us. We do not owe these people a living. We do not owe them an existence at our expense. We do not owe them our culture, our spirit, or our lives. It is not the West’s responsibility to adopt the planet, and if we try we will cease to exist as a unique culture that has given the world so much. Like moths in the wardrobe, Golriz Ghahraman and her open border nut-job supporters are eating holes in the cultural fabric of the West.

Our countries are not the radical left’s to give away. Nor are they the property of people like Golriz Ghahraman, Jacinda Ardern, Helen Clark, or Angela Merkel’s. Nobody gave these people New Zealand, nor Australia, nor Europe, nor America. They are not theirs to give.

Our countries were carved from the wilderness into what they are today. They did not just appear out of thin air, and they were not created to be given away to third-world people that hate us and victimise us. We should not allow the work of our ancestors to be squandered for virtue signalling leaders and their globalist schemes.

New Zealand should not be doubling any refugee resettlement quota. We should be following Japan, Hungary, Poland, and now Austria’s example and reclaim our borders for ourselves by lowering or eliminating all refugee resettlement from the third-world. Doing that is what true leadership looks like.

Leadership is not following other countries off the cliff and begging to be the first to arrive at the plunge to our collective deaths. Doubling the quota in the face of what we see around the world is not the mark of doing good, it’s the mark of a suicide cult.

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