Face of the day

Joshua Sutcliffe called the transgender boy a ?girl? and used feminine pronouns for him (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

Today’s face of the day is a teacher who is fighting back against the politically correct establishment by suing the secondary school who fired him for accidentally calling a transgender boy a ?girl?.

[…] The 27-year-old Christian claimed he said ?well done girls? to the trans teenager and a female friend when he spotted them working hard, but apologised after being corrected.


Are teachers going to be fired for pointing out to an anorexic?student that they are not fat?

Will they be fired for pointing out that the earth is not flat to a student who belongs to a religion that believes that it is flat?

Will they be fired for expressing the opinion that Muhammad marrying a 6-year-old girl and using her sexually is paedophilia?

A transgender boy is biologically a girl. The teacher was not incorrect. Why is he forced to lie in order to spare the feelings of a girl with mental health issues? Transgenderism is a mental illness just like anorexia yet no one expects us to agree with the delusions of an?anorexic.