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Question of the day: Is the child in the green hat one of the fortunate 48% lifted out of poverty by Labour or one of the 52% left there?

Today we announced the Budget Policy Statement, the Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update (HYEFU) and officially introduced our families package. So what better excuse to start the day at @playcentre.mtalbert ! Usually the HYEFU is all announced via a lock up in Wellington, but we decided to do one in Auckland too and invite social service providers. The Families Package is really significant. Not only does it increase the income of 380,000 low and middle income families with children, by the time it’s fully implemented it will reduce child poverty by 48%.[…]

-Jacinda Ardern FB page

It must really suck to be the 52% that are left in poverty. How do they decide who gets “lifted out” of poverty and who gets to stay there? It’s a bit like sending in a rescue team to a sinking ship and announcing the good news that you had enough life preservers to save 48% of the children in the water.

Actually, now that I think of it our PM said she wanted to end child poverty but now the goal is reducing it….by 48%. That means that they are still poor, just not as poor so not even one child is actually going to be “lifted out” of poverty. Let that sink in for one minute.


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