The Great Twitter exodus of 2017 begins December 18th

Twitter’s strict new enforcement rules will be going live on December 18th. Twitter will be judging user behavior both on and OFF of their website. This means that if you visit another website that they don’t like or show “support” for groups they don’t like, you can get banned.

This unprecedented level of censorship and blacklisting of groups from the public square is unlike anything in history and will be a huge opportunity for Gab.

Twitter has already suffered an exodus of conservative and right-wing people due to how hostile it is towards people with those views. Verified Conservative and libertarian twitter users with HUGE followings have been banned from Twitter already and often on spurious grounds.

The changes starting on December 18th will be the last straw for many and if they don’t leave voluntarily they will end up being banned like so many conservative voices before them. Left-wingers will be left to tweet alone inside a Twitter echo chamber and will be forced to turn on each other as they virtue signal their way to the inevitable oblivion.


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