Hubbard claims there is no “fundamental” difference between a biological male and a biological woman

A top male-to-female transgender weightlifter in New Zealand says he has no physical advantages over the women he beats in competitions.

Speaking to Newshub on Friday, decorated weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, who “transitioned” to female four years ago, said there’s no “fundamental” difference between a biological male and his female competitors, and to suggest otherwise would be “disrespectful” to the women Hubbard defeats in said competitions.

The only difference between a biological man and a biological woman is ( takes a deep breath)…

The coaches of the biological women who are Hubbard’s sporting rivals have totally avoided the elephant in the room which is the male physique (different bone structure, different muscles)  that Hubbard still has. They have also ignored her 35 years of benefiting physically from the Male hormone testosterone. Bizarrely they have questioned publically whether she has an unfair psychological advantage, having previously lifted heavier weights as a man. Incredibly they are complaining about her brain rather than her male bones and muscles.

Hubbard replied, “Look, I’ve heard that and I think it’s incredibly disrespectful to the other competitors.”

I will add “the truth is disrespectful” to my “Science is anti-feminist.” collection.

“I don’t believe there is any fundamental difference between me and the other athletes, and to suggest there is is slightly demeaning to them,” Hubbard added.

[…] The weightlifting champ said he doesn’t let the social media “trolling” get to him.

“I think, as an athlete, you have to try to shut it out, because it just adds to the weight on the barbell,” said the gold medalist.

But, of course, many still recognize the “fundamental” advantage a genetic male has over his female competitors.[…]

I think that Hubbard deserves to compete and earn her medals in a fair competition which means competing as the biological man she is against other biological men just as she did before she changed her physical appearance. If there is no fundamental difference as she claims then it should make no difference at all to the outcome.


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