Labours rank hypocrisy over private funding and providers

Labour hates charter schools because they believe the state should provide education. It doesn’t matter to them that Charter Schools do more with less, or that they get better results. It isn’t the state providing it so it is bad.

The same goes for Health. The new minister is busily cancelling private provision of healthcare facilities and replacing it with state controlled infrastructure and services.

You have to wonder why it is then that Phil ‘FIGJAM’ Twyford can embrace private funding of infrastructure for his portfolios?

The new Government will turn to the private sector to finance Auckland’s traffic congestion as a way of helping balance its books.

Transport Minister, Phil Twyford told POLITIK yesterday that the rest of the country would not tolerate the costs of Auckland?s marginal growth being paid by the general taxpayer.? ??

Those costs were shown in sharp relief yesterday with the release of the Half Yearly Economic and Fiscal Update.

It shows that the costs of the Auckland Transport Alignment Plan have jumped from $5.9 billion in August to as much as $6.5 billion now just three months later.

Part of that is explained by the Government?s intention to build a light rail system from the city to the airport.

So Twyford is talking big private sector involvement in Auckland’s transport, including public-private partnerships and infrastructure bonds.

His attitude stands in stark contrast to that of his colleagues Health Minister David Clark and Education Minister Chris Hipkins who have reversed National’s use of private-public partnerships to build hospitals and schools.

But Twyford probably has little choice.

It doesn’t matter if he has a choice or not. He has to explain why private funding is bad in education and health but perfectly OK in transport.

Labour are becoming real contortionists as they do one thing in one portfolio and quite another in others.