Listen: Co-President of unite Union makes some good points on Leighton Smith’s show

Labour’s fuel tax is starting to cause consternation…and not from where you’d think.

Yesterday a bloke called up Leighton Smith, he said his name was Jason and he was the co-President of Unite Union.

Have a listen, I can’t find a single thing to disagree with him on over this issue.

He’s right, the people who are going to suffer the most are those on fixed incomes and low wages. This is a massive tax increase for those people with no compensation whatsoever.

It won’t mean anything to me, it won’t affect me, but it will affect the low paid, pensioners and those on benefits.

Public transport is a complete mess in Auckland and not at all that cheap, in any case buses use fuel and so their fares are going up as a result.

Which brings me to a little titbit I got from a very good source.

It seems that Labour are calling up fuel company CEOs and dragging them in to see the minister, Megan Woods. They are being asked how they are going to handle the fuel tax. They answer simply that it will be handled the same was as every other tax, levy, and GST…a line item that totals up to the price the consumer will pay.

The minister has then gone on and asked why these fuel companies aren’t going to absorb at least some of the tax themselves. The minister is then politely told to get stuffed, that’s not how it works in the real world.

If it had of been me I’d have suggested ‘Tubs’ got on her bike and pedalled a bit more instead of troughing it up in ministerial limos.

This gives you some idea at just how out of touch these Labour muppets are.

Meanwhile their own constituents are going to cop a flogging from this new tax.


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