I saw a Transcar on my way to Albany on Sunday

Blue Kia Rio

I was in a gorgeous blue Kea Rio on route to Albany yesterday when I spotted a Transcar overtaking the rest of the traffic. Transcars are a new phenomenon and until recently were very rare but they are increasingly being spotted more and more on New Zealand’s motorways.

I spotted the Transcar in the bus lane ahead of us.

Now I realise that the Bus lane is ONLY for buses but only transphobic people leap to conclusions and just because the Transcar did not look like this…

…was not a valid or reasonable reason for me to conclude that the Transcar was not, in fact, a bus.

For all, I know the Transcar could be awaiting an appointment at a garage where ” it” ( I do not want to offend) could be booked in to have its oil changed and its fuel system swapped over from petrol to diesel. Perhaps it is going to have some bodywork to make it appear bigger and more buslike but is currently on a government waiting list for the work to be done?

The Transcar may look like a car and may actually be a car but what matters these days is how the car identifies. If it self-declares that it is, in fact, a bus I am sure that the police will be very understanding and a ticket will not be issued.

This Transcar identifies as a female


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