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ebullient (adj) – 1. Zestfully enthusiastic.
2. Boiling or seeming to boil; bubbling.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The English adjective ebullient comes from the Latin present participle stem ebullient-, from the verb ēbullīre “to bubble, boil, boil over.” The Latin verb derives from the noun bulla “bubble, knob, stud,” i.e., something that swells up and becomes round. From the Latin noun bulla, English has bull (as in a “papal bull”), bowl (as in the sport), and bulla (a medical term meaning “large vesicle”). The verb ēbullīre has the prefix e-, from ex- “going out or forth, changing condition” (as when water boils) and derives from the simple verb bullīre “to bubble, boil.” Bullīre regularly becomes boillir in Old French (bouillir in modern French), the source of the English verb boil. Ebullient entered English in the late 16th century.


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