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eurhythmic (adj) – 1. having a pleasing and harmonious rhythm, order, or structure
2. of or relating to eurhythmics.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The English eurhythmic conflates two Greek adjectives: rhythmikόs meaning “set to time, rhythmical (movement)”; eurhythmόs, having the wider range of meanings “rhythmical, harmonious (in music, dancing, or song); regular (of a pulse); graceful, orderly (of a person).” The prefix eu- is from Greek eû, an adverbial use of the neuter singular of the adjective eǘs “good, brave, noble,” very common in epic poetry. Eurhythmic is restricted in English to harmony and proportion in architecture and to the system of exercise with music and dancing. Eurhythmic entered English in the 19th century for the architecture sense, and in the 20th century for the music and dancing sense.


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