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gerontocracy (noun) – 1. Government based on rule by elders.
2. A governing group of elders.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The English noun gerontocracy is composed of two relatively common Greek elements: geront- (“old age”) and the combining form -cracy (from the Greek combining form -kratia “rule, government”).

Geront- is the stem of the noun gérōn “old, old man, elder” and derives from the Proto-Indo-European root gerǝ- “to become old.” In Germanic the root appears in the noun karlaz “man,” which further develops into Old Norse karl “man, old man, married man,” Old English ceorl “man, freeman of the lowest class” (whence Modern English “churl”), and German Kerl “man, fellow, guy.” The Greek combining form -kratia is a derivative of krátos “strength, might,” from the Proto-Indo-European root ker-, kar- “hard,” source of Germanic (English) “hard.” Gerontocracy entered English in the 19th century.


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