January 2018

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Why we disagree on guns

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Multiculturalism doesn’t work, here’s why


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Spot the loser

Spot the Loser

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No longer have a school pool? Do what Partnership schools do

Onehunga War Memorial Pool

A Water Safety boss has said that children are losing the ability to swim because more and more schools are closing their pools.

In the past five years, 165 school pools have closed. In the same time period, 39 children have drowned.

Kiwi kids may be losing the ability to swim, with just over a quarter of schools teaching children “adequate” and basic lifesaving skills such as floating, the head of Water Safety New Zealand says.

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Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk

First, think of a product. Now, what would be the absolute worst brand name for one of those products?


Is the government going to move to address this gender imbalance?

Women now outnumber men in the legal profession

Although women have long made up the majority of law graduates, this is the first time that they have dominated the ranks of practising solicitors and barristers.

The Law Society says that of 13,103 lawyers currently practising in New Zealand, 6553 are women and 6550 are men.

“I’ve been waiting with bated breath for a couple of years. I’m thrilled that we’re here,” said Law Society president Kathryn Beck.

Oh no, we now have gender imbalance of three! Will someone please think of the poor men. I do hope that Jacinda Ardern’s government will move swiftly to encourage three more men into the profession.

[..] The profession will soon introduce a voluntary gender equality charter that aims to try ensure women have the same opportunities as men to reach senior legal positions.

As it stands, men still make up the majority of lawyers appointed Queen’s Counsel.

Thirteen lawyers were made QCs last year but only three women – Suzanne Robertson, Rachael Reed and Jennifer Cooper – were among their ranks.

In 2016 eight of the 12 new QCs were male, which was an improvement on 2013 when four out of 26 practitioners were made Queen’s Counsel and in 2014 when the ratio was four women out of 14 QCs.

-NZ Herald

There are quite a few other professions that both men and women need to up their game in if there is to be any chance of a gender balance. We need more male dental assistants and we need more female construction workers.

Isn’t it funny how no one cares if there aren’t many women doing the hard, physical dirty jobs? You never hear feminists complaining about the gender imbalance in mining for example, despite the high pay for the dirty and dangerous work. Equally, you don’t hear men complaining that they are not well represented in the child care industry. Perhaps our PM’s partner Clarke Gayford could lead the way as First Father bringing up their baby in the public eye.

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