Book Review Of The Day – Mirrors and Mazes: A Guide through the Climate debate

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This year we are going to review books daily until the reviews run out. By doing this for individual books this gives people a chance to do their own research on the books and authors by using the links provided and not miss out by being bombarded by a whole lot at once like we have done in previous years.

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Todays review came from Julian

Mirrors and Mazes: A Guide through the Climate debate

By??Dr Howard Thomas Brady?

Julian said: “If your interested in the debate vs climate this is a great book whether you have read extensively on the topic or not. The book clearly looks at multiple issues around climate change. As a spoiler it acknowledges we are in a period of warming (although currently paused) and carbon dioxide has risen in the atmosphere. What it makes clear however is that linking these together as sole factors in regards to the climate is poor science. It looks at scientific bias, the problems with trying to modify the climate in terms of global cost and effectiveness and a wide range of other topics (extreme weather events, methane gas, polar ice, modelling errors). I have read many books on climate change and the religious fervour surrounding it and this is one of the clearest debunking a lot of false claims. I would highly recommend it as it provides balance to what is reported in the MSM.?

Amazon said: “You will be guided on your journey by Dr Howard Brady, Alumnus Scientist of the Year, Northern Illinois University, who undertook four expeditions to Antarctica with the US Office of Polar Programs.
Dr Brady, a skilled and experienced teacher, recognises that this is your journey. You will be posed questions, presented information to challenge, and encouraged to form your own opinion. All you need is an open mind.”

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