Clever, clever bastard. Who DOESN’T want a flamethrower? – UPDATED


Elon Musk may have finally done something useful, and I doubt there were any federal subsidies with his latest project:

Elon Musk isn?t your typical Billionaire. In an economic bracket known for eccentric behaviors, Musk stands out. The South African-born American magnate is the founder of SpaceX, the brains behind Tesla Inc., co-chairman of OpenAI and the CEO of Neuralink. But it is one of his other companies, The Boring Company, making headlines this week.

Instead of electric cars, or trips to Mars, Musk is now focusing on street-legal flamethrowers.

He announced on Twitter in December that if The Boring Company could sell 50,000 hats, he would start selling flamethrowers.? ?I know it?s a little off-brand,? Musk wrote, ?but kids love it.?

Not just kids. This blogger wants a flamethrower.

Kids do love flamethrowers. So do adults, though most of those adults are men who never got to play with flamethrowers when they were kids. And that may turn out to be beneficial for Musk, as The Boring Company flamethrower is expected to sell for $600.

Selling 50,000 hats for The Boring Company was easier than he?d assumed. It only took two weeks. At that point, Musk had to make good on his flamethrower promise, or admit it had been a joke.

?Mark this down as one of the promises Elon delivers on,? The Verge writes, ?apparently, because it looks like the Boring Company flamethrower is here. Redditors in a few SpaceX, Boring Company, and Musk-related subreddits noticed earlier this week that the URL ? started redirecting to a page with a password box. And at least one user was able to guess the original password, too: ?flame.? (It?s since been changed.)?

?According to a Redditor who figured out the password (?flame?), which has since been changed,? Task and Purpose writes, ?he or she was redirected to another page where they had the option to pre-order Musk?s flamethrower. ?Prototype pictured above,? the listing apparently read. ?Final production flamethrower will be better.? The Redditor also claimed the page said the flamethrower will start shipping in April.?

It is still unclear how the flamethrower will function. How far will the flame stretch? What will fuel it? How much fuel with its tank hold? And where is its tank? For now, we have very little to go on. The image looks like a Nerf gun with a small section of hose at the back.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want a flamethrower.

It would could almost be the perfect question for a lie detector test.

“Do you want a flame thrower?”


“I’m sorry sir, you just failed the lie detector test”.

Might be fake, but looks cool anyway.

UPDATED: He’s sold $3.5M worth of flame throwers in just one day.

Elon Musk, the multi-billionaire founder of electric car company Tesla and tunnelling company Boring, has sold $3.5m (?2.5m) worth of ?boring? flamethrowers in less than 24 hours.

The maverick businessman, who last week secured a pay deal that could see him collect $55bn, had pledged that if?The Boring Company sold 50,000 baseball caps at $20 each?he would start selling flamethrowers.

The caps sold out, and Musk started selling $500 flamethrowers on Sunday, tweeting: ?Guaranteed to liven up any party!?

Wow. Now I really want one!


-Tribunist, The Guardian