Convince me: It is not appropriate to build a Muslim community centre (aka the ”Ground Zero Mosque”) near the World Trade Center site

Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001

Islamic mosque at 9/11 Ground Zero

Dec. 17, 2009: A new Islamic mosque was planned to open its doors just steps from Ground Zero where Muslim terrorists murdered 2,751 people in the name of Allah on Sept. 11, 2001 – and its leading imam, who conducted sensitivity training sessions for the FBI, reportedly blamed Christians for starting mass attacks on civilians.

The five-story building at Park Place, just two blocks north of the former World Trade Center site, was the site of a Burlington Coat Factory. But a plane’s landing-gear assembly crashed through the roof on the day 19 Muslim terrorists hijacked the airliners and flew them into the Twin Towers in 2001.

Muslim worshipers later occupied the building, and they planned to turn it into a major Islamic cultural center.

But there was national uproar across America about those plans.

Nearly six years later, as WND reported, the “Ground Zero mosque” debate was finally over. A “market maker” 70-story skyscraper broke ground at lower Manhattan’s 45 Park Place, ending any possibility of resurrecting plans for the religious building.

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“Not only is [the proposed location] exactly the wrong place, right at ground zero, but it’s a mosque supported by an imam who has a record of support for causes that were sympathetic with terrorism.

This is a desecration. Nobody would allow something like that at Pearl Harbor. Let’s have some respect for who died there and why they died there. Let’s not put this off on some kind of politically correct theory.

[People] died there because of Islamic extremist terrorism. Islamic extremists are our enemy… [Opposition to the mosque] will not and should not insult any decent Muslim.”

It is not appropriate to build a Muslim community centre (aka the ”Ground Zero Mosque”) near the World Trade Center site

Convince me.

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