Echoes of the Empty Pews

Guest Post:

Churches will be using their worshipper’s funds to import dysfunctional third-world cultures into previously functional parts of New Zealand:

“Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway announced the four organisations on Friday, who will sponsor the refugees due to arrive in the country by June 2018.

They are Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand (Wellington), Gleniti Baptist Church (Timaru), South West Baptist Church (Christchurch) and the Society of St Vincent de Paul (Nelson) have been chosen by Immigration New Zealand (INZ).”

I was hoping we’d have more dependents for New Zealand to take care of plus their chain migrated extended family members. Can IRD deduct all expenses from the church coffers for the next few decades to support these people? No matter about that, this is just a pilot program. They need to get the kinks out before turning up the cultural enrichment spigot further.

Immigration minister Mr Lees-Galloway spews forth:

“With this grassroots approach come positive social, economic and cultural benefits, both for the community and the resettled refugees.”

New Zealand’s Immigration minister Mr. Lees-Galloway.

I’d like to know exactly what “positive social, economic and cultural benefits” the community receives. State housing, criminals, airport body scanners and body bag sales as a result of terrorism aren’t benefits. More importantly, when something goes wrong will the open border luvvies and their virtue signalling clergy be able to slither away and hide behind sugar-coated bible verses to shirk their responsibility?

Leftist Atheists are only trying to help Christians do the right thing as they always have.

For the uninitiated, it is punishable by death in many Muslim countries to try to convert people to Christianity. Yet, Christian churches have come up with a great idea in light of this: If they can’t convert them in their Muslim dumps, why not bring them into our nice home and try to do it here? And while we’re at it, why not pay for them and their entire families to live here with money meant to help our own communities?

That sounds like a good Christian plan to me.  Certainly, nobody can argue against such an idea with evidence from places like Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and every other country that has tried it. These other places simply weren’t Christian enough to pull off mass conversion of imported Muslims, but I promise you we have the true magic touch here to make it happen.

I don’t know what happens if you make a wrong turn in Mecca as a non-Muslim, but I’m guessing it doesn’t involve free housing, free food, free medical care, and paying to import your entire family to live on taxpayer assistance forever.

Churches have morphed over the last 50 years from providing moral and spiritual guidance for Western civilisation into some kind of slush fund for third-world adoption. The leadership of many churches have become so engrossed in their pathological altruism that they cannot see the damage they are causing to their homelands. Or if they do see it, they seem to enjoy what it is they are doing.

For instance, the Anglican church has demanded that followers open their hearts and wallets to the predatory immigrant groups that are ravaging Europe. They are demolishing historic places of worship in England to make way for their halal friendly replacements. The Catholic church is no better. The Pope takes time out of his schedule covering up for paedophiles to focus on washing the feet of Muslim migrants invading the continent. At least they will have clean soles when walking all over Europeans like doormats.

The Pontiff bootlicks washed and kissed the feet of men and women at the Castelnuovo di Porto refugees centre AP

You have to wonder though when these churches see their congregations shrink each year and young people refuse to join, do they ever consider whether it is their weakness and pious navel-gazing that is driving off followers?

The churches ignore the needs of their own community and import people with historic hatred for everything Christianity represents. Is this charity or stupidity? At best, it’s an odd way to spread the message of the New Testament to import a hostile religion that has preyed upon the followers of the church for the past 1400 years. It’s like McDonald’s adding arsenic to their burgers and then wondering why sales are starting to plummet.

Many churches have forgotten what civilisation they serve and this is why they suffer. The church has tossed aside the people who built their cathedrals with their labour, money, and love.  Instead, they have decided to adopt a hostile people who have destroyed their cathedrals, plundered their treasure, and hate their beliefs.

Nobody should be surprised then why the young today watch what is going on and refuse to contribute to their own funeral pyre. The echoes of the empty pews do not seem to bother the clergy. Perhaps they like the alone time.

In all this madness, the most basic question goes unanswered: Is it charitable to squander church resources to import people who hate your guts and want your heritage erased?

Aside from obvious national security threats, third-world refugees bring in all manner of other crime and dysfunction that disrupts the community that these churches say they serve. When people aren’t being mowed down by trucks or terrorised in other ways, there are rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, creeping sharia, expanding police state surveillance, and destruction of social cohesion happening as a result. Is this what we want our churches to be supporting? Every time they bring in these incompatible and hostile cultures to our shores they are doing exactly that. Can I hear a Hallelujah?

The propaganda rolls on that such small numbers can’t possibly have an effect, but it most assuredly does. Third-world immigration into Australia (especially refugee resettlement) has led to a large number of problems even in very small numbers. Melbourne, for instance, has just 0.1%, Sudanese refugees. Yet, they are responsible for around 10% of some of the most serious violent crimes in the region like carjacking and home invasions. You don’t get much more culturally enriched than that. Maybe the Australian churches can get together an emergency bible drop into the middle of the city to help get a handle on the situation.

Melbourne has 0.1% Sudanese refugee immigrants. A little vibrant diversity goes a long way.


Melbourne has 0.1% Sudanese refugee immigrants. A little vibrant diversity goes a long way.

But what’s some home invasions, robberies, and stabbings when there are smug church proclamations to be made about our need to adopt the planet? Just buy a better lock and don’t let your daughter out at night, bigot. Also, services are Sunday at 9 AM and don’t forget your chequebook. These churches have some really nice refugee families to move in next door to you and they’d really appreciate it if you pay for it with a smile and your way of life.


By Jack Remarkable

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