A Green Party bill that I support: Medical marijuana


She is young and she is inexperienced but list Green MP Chloe Swarbrick has taken to social media to ask for the public’s help in getting the medicinal cannabis bill passed. It was an attempt to get the public to contact their local?MPs to encourage them to vote to support it.

In her video, she claimed that three quarters of New Zealanders support the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes. She also said that because the vote on the bill is a conscience vote MP’s are not obligated to vote along party lines.

Our survey of Whaleoil readers showed that a clear majority of our surveyed readers support medical marijuana.

[…] Ms Swarbrick says New Zealand lags far behind other progressive countries in our medicinal cannabis laws.
She says people who use cannabis for pain relief shouldn’t be treated like criminals and the bill is a good first step towards legalisation.[…]


Of course, once it is legal for medical use the activists will start pushing for it to be legal for recreational use which is something that our readership is quite divided on.