The Greens: Never Happy, Never Satisified

The Australian Greens: “We are smiling”. Picture: AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Former Hawke/Keating minister turned political pundit, Graham Richardson, takes the stick (FSC-certified) to the Australian Greens.

Miserable Greens would deny us all that we hold dear and cherish

There was a time when the Greens were all that their name suggests they should be. They were passionate about our environment and they fought really hard to protect Australia?s forests ? Sadly, it did not take too long for me to realise that I could never do enough for them. No matter how much I achieved, they were always disappointed.

In 1987, the Helsham Inquiry found that large areas of Tasmania?s forests should be World Heritage listed. Over the next two years, the Hawke government entered into the ?Labor-Green Accord? and oversaw a massive expansion of World Heritage listed forests and national parks. Richardson, ?a born-again greenie?, as he described himself at the time was the moving force.

But if Richo was expecting any actual gratitude from the Green misery-gutses, he was to be sorely disappointed.

I was ecstatic and raced to share the news of this huge win for Tasmanian forests? preservation. I rang Bob Brown, who could only express his disappointment at the cabinet not going far enough. The Greens could never be satisfied.

Yet, Richo still views former Greens leader Bob Brown – a man whose demeanour would make an undertaker look like a clown on speed, through strangely rose-coloured glasses.

[Brown] was never seen as a politician on the make or consumed by personal ambition. He projected decency and Australians responded ? [The Greens] no longer have the Greens purity of a Bob Brown ? [and have] adopted the mantle of the true party of the left in Australia.

Brown was always a straight-up, far leftie. Richo seems to have forgotten the time Brown rudely interrupted an address to both Houses by visiting U.S. President George W. Bush, shouting and stamping about Guantanamo prisoner David Hicks, the man who had fled Australia to train with terrorist groups like Lakshar-e-Taiba and al Qaeda, and effused fulsome praise for Osama bin Laden, whom he met several times.

Then there was Brown?s bizarre 2011 press conference, in which he railed against the media for criticising the Greens. Brown demanded an inquiry, to establish a government-run media regulator, and specifically, to break up News Ltd. The sort of authoritarian interference in press freedom, in other words, that would have the media shrieking about ?fascism!?, if it came from Donald Trump.

But, if Brown was an authoritarian wowser, today’s Greens have all the winsome appeal of Robespierre.

they are determined to push issues that not only alienate the bulk of Australians but ?infuriate them as well ? now-vanquished Queensland Green Larissa Waters took on the cause of changing the toys our children play with. She wanted to ban Barbie dolls because they were gender-specific.

The Greens also have their gimlet eyes set on Christmas.

The Greens don?t want us to have these celebrations ? Why do these miserable bastards want to attack how we play and what we celebrate?

Oh, they?d bend over backwards, if you wanted to celebrate Ramadan and Eid, though.

The Greens? latest Jeremiad is against Australia Day. Greens? leader Richard Di Natale accuses Australia of ?an ongoing genocide?. Note that: Di Natale is not content to merely condemn the past, he actually wants us to believe that Australia is right now trying to actively wipe out its Aboriginal people.

Again, he stands against what a huge majority of Australians want and believe in ? the Greens will never dampen the way we feel about Australia Day

That doesn?t matter. The Greens will, given the opportunity, strategically leverage their tiny representation in the Parliament to brow-beat somebody like Bill Shorten, just as they did Julia Gillard, into dancing to their looney-tune.

Richo is right:

We cannot roll over and allow the Greens to tell us how to live and what to think.

– The Australian