Idiot of the week

Shooting yourself in the foot

Left-wingers?have on a number of occasions insulted our readership calling our loyal readers all kinds of names but most often deriding their intelligence and opinions. However, they had nothing to lose as Whaleoil readers are unlikely to be reading their blogs or paying for their products or services.

This week’s idiot of the week, on the other hand, has with one post on social media done irreparable damage to his company.

Check this out. The stupid is powerful in this one.

SCOTTeVEST founder Scott Jordan insulted his company’s customers on Facebook. He later issued an apology on Medium. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

So how bad was it?

This bad.

Customers who are Fox News watchers were not amused and Scott Jordan was forced to cry a river?of tears in a vain attempt to win them all back.

crying gif

This is Scott’s public apology:

I am profoundly sorry.

I am profoundly sorry for my horrible and offensive remarks.

This past Sunday, I posted on my personal Facebook page an incredibly rude and inaccurate statement about SCOTTeVEST?s TV advertising on Fox News. On Monday, I removed the offensive post and posted an apology on Facebook. I have since deactivated my Facebook account and the apology is no longer available, so I am writing it here.

To those that I called gullible and idiotic, I am truly sorry.

As the founder of SCOTTeVEST, Inc., I have spent more than 17 years with the help of an amazing team building an awesome company with world class products and customer service. My idiotic statement not only jeopardized all of that hard work, but it also compromised the faith that SCOTTeVEST customers and our team of 20+ employees and contractors entrusted in me.

I also want to apologize to the SCOTTeVEST customer service team, who are taking the brunt of the backlash for my actions. SCOTTeVEST employees are good people that do not deserve to be punished for my actions.

I will continue to learn from my mistakes and strive to become a better person.

The company is not amused and has publicly said that “Mr. Jordan?s post was impulsive and inappropriate for too many reasons to list, and rightfully offended so many people. We strongly disagree with the views expressed by Mr. Jordan.? “We are sickened by his remarks. Mr. Jordan?s social media post does not reflect the views of SCOTTeVEST and its employees?

Scott has deactivated both his social media accounts and has stepped down from his daily responsibilities at the company for ?personal reasons.?

All his responsibilities for the company have been given to the current President Marshall Rule. His current role in the company has been described as CEO in name only as he is not involved in daily operations.


Mock conservatives all you like on social media but if they are your best-paying customers it is not a good idea to call them stupid. The anti-Trump movement in America has encouraged wholesale?mocking of conservative voters and this lack of respect for their intelligence has cost Scott bigly.