National is on a hiding to nothing so what is the solution?

Guest Post:

A response to the post “A surprise to no one except the muppets in Labour” and comments by Positan.

The problem is easily identified; Labour comes in on the greed predicated promises of free this or that, mostly unadulterated electoral bribes to the recently impoverished voter sections and those that believe the labour mantra of “owed a living” and “Rights”. In this newest case free student funding for those who will never ever qualify for a University Bursary, but would otherwise (on results) mostly make up the dole queue. Now at taxpayer cost, they can become long-term debt slaves due to an immigration policy that drives down wages, and the oversupply of education diplomas, the absence of suitable jobs and the subsequent compounding of long-term interest.

Fulfilling the many unco-ordinated socialist promises, handouts and ideological inducements by Labour always exceeds the current government income (mostly provided by punitive confiscatory taxation of producers and double taxation of past producers, including the socialist prize offering, ENVY Tax). And yes those knee-jerk short-term promises, frequently distort the overall market resulting in labour being ultimately turfed, but not before it has severely damaged the underlying economy.

Most notably in labours last terms, it has generated long-term debt demands that are the poison chalice.

This poison cup has resulted in National governments being hamstrung from day one to restore balance, productivity, earning capacity, and the pain of that restitution imposed responsibly on the population has cost National its governance more than once.

So do we continue down the relentless path of allowing slum district town based numbers to dictate an ever-increasing bias toward socialism? Socialism handouts are the Labour Party’s limited and deceitful way to buy the city electorate which was progressively impoverished in the first place by socialism. Catch 22.

National is on a hiding to nothing, it cannot restore by devaluation or taxation because the socialist voters have little or no real assets and therefore the burden generally always falls unreasonably and heavily on the prudent conservative sector or the productive sector leaving productive retirees unfairly disenfranchised, while the carefree socialist voters go merrily on their way, causing wastage and ongoing loss, yelling all the while about racism and supposed equality.

So what is the Permanent Solution? Certainly alternating between Marxist Labour and conservative National is fraught with degenerating problems and offers no meaningful progress, certainly no enduring solution.

One alternative does exist. The Government could appoint a Governor General who would divide the land territory into two separate districts, and appoint an Acting Governor to each of the designated Territories.

Each Governor would then invite a Party to form a Governing Body and govern exclusively over that separate Territory for say 20 months and prepare for an election exclusive to that separate Territory. Voter rolls would be consolidated into one territorial roll each. Administrative agencies would naturally divide generally in proportion to population and requirement.

During the 20 months of governance of the separate Territories, Governing Bodies would have full Parliamentary Authority over the separate Territory and would retain full control and taxation revenues to their respective territories and encourage business to domicile within their territory, by constructing worthy taxation, banking and commercial regulation to favour the specific territory. Territorial governance might even control the transfer of assets and revenues between the two territories, even treating each as foreign territories. Moreover, the Acting Government could offer Education, Health and Pension benefits to reflect the nature of the individual territory and disincentives to actively promote a change in population (By consent) to better reflect the values and governance priorities of the Territory.

A logical Arrangement would be; one Territory being the North Island (Aoteoroa) with a new government base in Auckland and the second Territory being South Island (South Mainland) with its new government base being in Christchurch.

The general prediction based on the most recent voting trends would indicate that under such a scenario, Aoteoroa with its large Maori population and its increasing Asian population centred around Auckland, would go down the socialist Labour route, following the trend of its Auckland mayoralty. Regulation changes would suggest that such a socialist regime would consolidate and continue for some time, or at least as long as its bankers deemed possible.

South Mainland would proceed to have a Conservative National Governance with the socialist sector mainly around Christchurch and West Coast rapidly thinning out as socialist policies were reversed and curtailed. Very possibly some new Banking facilities, high-value Education Institutions and advanced Medical services might domicile and expand in the Christchurch, Nelson and Otago area. Private ownership housing would expand, along with value-added manufacturing and an increase in provincial retirement options.And even if South Mainland is the undersized wallflower, at least it has enough good local wine to drown its sorrows happily.

Very possibly Maori interests in South Mainland might re-domicile in the north if taxation, subsidy changes and nationalization of common property interests were not entirely supported vis a vis similar more advantageous opportunities in the north.

Prudent voters will vote with their feet and move southwards and those looking for an instant free handout will undoubtedly move rapidly northwards as the socialist styled free handout option dries up in the south.

Those prepared to vote with their feet will directly benefit, and those too complacent will undoubtedly suffer as their conviction warrants, excepting that cash incentives might assist those to relocate to where they feel most comfortable, a trend that would allow Labour to consolidate in the north long term with reduced fear of disestablishment and likewise conservative National to consolidate in the south and for prudent conservative and thrifty supporters to find ongoing security that their generated wealth will not be confiscated and redistributed to near-do-well handout seekers by an incoming incompetent socialist government marching to a marxist agenda.

The question is, which government most fears being pushed out of power, as to empower the Governor General to such a purpose, better the resources of half an impoverished nation than erasure to the backbenches, Master of Nothing.

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