My New Year’s Resolution

My resolution for 2018 is to smack down hard (metaphorically) every Muslim activist that pops their head up in the MSM.

I will not stand by and allow them to manipulate and to lie their way into changing our way of life. I will call them out on their lies. I will provide evidence and examples of what Islamic activism like theirs has led to overseas.

We are fortunate in New Zealand that we have the opportunity to learn from the many mistakes of countries like the UK, Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, America and Sweden. When Muslim activists started chipping away at their values and laws and human rights they thought that it was no big deal and now for most of them it is too late.

The UK made an exception to their animal rights/cruelty laws to allow Muslims to slaughter animals inhumanely. They are treating British Muslims as first-class citizens superior to all the rest. They don’t have to follow the laws of the land. They are not expected to share British values.

Other countries have allowed child brides if they were married to their rapist before they entered the country. Germany finally took action April last year to change their laws to allow them to remove young girls from the homes of their husband rapists.

Other countries like Sweden have recognised forced marriages made overseas and have not applied their paedophilia laws to Muslim child brides. In their country, Muslim girls are sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.?

#MuslimChildbrideLivesDon’tMatter in Sweden.

[…] Despite clearly contradicting Swedish law, underage immigrant wives have been repeatedly allowed to stay with their husbands by Sweden’s local municipalities, which defend their decisions by citing humanitarian issues.

An immigrant crisis of?unprecedented proportions has brought with?it problems which Sweden hadn’t known previously, such as?polygamy and underage brides. Recently, two juvenile immigrant girls in?Karlskrona were reported to?be staying with?their husbands. Neither of?the girls was separated from?their adult men, even though minors are not allowed to?tie the knot in?Sweden.[…]

Muslim activists know how to affect the changes they want. They start with non-threatening demands like expecting special treatment for Muslim women to wear hijabs in the workplace.

This New Zealand Muslim woman successfully used the MSM to get a job and to ensure that she could wear her hijab in the workplace.

People tell themselves that it is no big deal, that it is just a scarf and then they struggle to oppose the next demand which is for women to be able to wear a Niqab which is a full face mask.

A woman wearing a niqab eats on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France,

The same argument is made that it is all about the woman’s right to choose and that it is her religious freedom so because they said yes to the hijab they are now helpless to stop the intimidating and dehumanising?Niqab.

Sexual segregation for Muslim women and exclusion of non-Muslims inside a ratepayer-funded public swimming pool in Auckland New Zealand.

Then the demands for sexual segregation start. Separate swimming lessons for Muslim women. Separate swimming lanes for boys and girls in state schools.

The hijab becomes part of our police uniform and then before we know it they are part of our military uniforms as well.

Australian Navy Captain Mona Shindy

Muslims in the workforce start refusing to do aspects of their job. They won’t touch or transport alcohol, bacon, ham, non-halal meat, non-halal products. They won’t deal in business with women. A male representative has to be sent to avoid offending them. They want banking systems changed and use their celebrity Muslim converts like SBW to make public stances like covering up the logo of bank sponsors that don’t do Islamic banking.

My new?year’s resolution is to bring to our audiences attention every effort by Muslim activists?in New Zealand to undermine and change forever our values, laws and way of life.

Muslims are only a tiny percentage of our population and already they have made serious progress with their Halal agenda and getting hijabs into state schools and the workplace. New mosques are being built with overseas money and they have opened Muslim only schools where their children are being taught hateful things from hateful textbooks while the New Zealand population is none the wiser.

Australian Imam Shaikh Tawhidi says that there are too many mosques in Australia and that many of them are being used to radicalise youth. He says that there is a book on every Muslim?s bookshelf called the Bukhari that should be banned in Australia because he says that ? every act of terrorism is taught from that book.?

Muslim groups are already isolating themselves in certain areas as they transform certain Kiwi suburbs into non-assimilated,non-integrated Islamic communities.

[…] Walmsley and Wesley, had the highest percentage of Muslims in the country on 18.2 per cent and 13.2 per cent respectively.

-NZ Herald 2015

Communities like the ones starting to form now in New Zealand have become no-go zones overseas where dogs aren’t welcome, Sharia law is openly practised and non-Muslims, journalists and even the police are afraid to enter them.

Everything happening overseas will happen here in New Zealand if we don’t vote for politicians who will do things differently. If we don’t become activists ourselves and challenge every encroachment on our way of life we will lose it. I do not want my granddaughters living under Sharia law. My new year’s resolution is to do my bit. Will you do yours?