No longer have a school pool? Do what Partnership schools do

Onehunga War Memorial Pool

A Water Safety boss has said that children are losing the ability to swim because more and more schools are closing their pools.

In the past five years, 165 school pools have closed. In the same time period, 39 children have drowned.

Kiwi kids may be losing the ability to swim, with just over a quarter of schools teaching children “adequate” and basic lifesaving skills such as floating, the head of Water Safety New Zealand says.

The culprit is easy to find, according to Jonty Mills ? schools closing their swimming pools.

In the past five years, about 165 school pools have closed and about 135 are at risk of closing because of health and safety or maintenance costs, according to Water Safety data.[…]

You do not need a school pool to teach swimming. We have perfectly respectable public pools that are underutilised?that could be used by all the schools in the area and booked out in advance every year. Partnership schools don’t have school pools or sports fields so they utilise the local public facilities. It would be cheaper to bus students to public pools than to maintain a school pool and the facilities?are likely to be a lot bigger and better.

When I went to Saint Joseph’s in?Whakatane we used the local public baths for our swimming lessons and competitions. The idea that schools can not teach swimming unless they have their own personal swimming pool is ridiculous. Epsom Normal Primary book lanes in a Public pool and other schools should do the same.

Public swimming pool timetable in Auckland New Zealand.