One great reason to finally subscribe and one great reason to upgrade

This is Bob.

Bob is one of our?readers and Bob doesn’t mind the ads. He is not interested in paying 32c a day for a Bronze subscription to get rid of the ads or to increase the loading times of Whaleoil on his laptop, ipad or phone because Bob is a patient man. Bob is content reading Whaleoil every day, and doing his newspaper crossword every morning.

BUT wait…

Bob has just found out that Whaleoil is now providing an?online daily crossword for subscribers. If Bob cancels his daily newspaper and subscribes to Whaleoil he will be SAVING money.

Hooray for Bob!

This is Alice.

Alice is a thrill seeker and likes to live life on the edge which is why she is a Whaleoil Bronze subscriber.

Alice would love to be in the special draw to win the?fabulous prize of a?$500?DRIVE1 NZV8 Race Experience gift voucher from our sponsor?NZV8 Hot Laps?which is only available for Silver, Gold and Platinum subscribers.

NZV8 Hotlaps

Alice was always going to upgrade eventually but the $500 prize draw is running for a limited time only so she decided that today would be the day she would take the plunge. Alice is crossing her fingers that she will get driven around a racetrack at terrifying speeds by a professional just like our winner from last year.

Pictured :Whaleoil reader Karen who won the 2017 Whaleoil subscription competition for a NZ V8 Hotlaps voucher.