Where is all the outrage from the left-wing over the new TPPA?

Giovanni Tiso has a good point. Where is all the outrage and frothing from the left-wing over the new revised and almost the same TPPA?

?Labour won’t be shouting it from the rooftops. But make no mistake – getting a Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement over the line is a big deal for Jacinda Ardern’s government.

The TPPA – now an even bigger mouthful as the renamed Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for TransPacific Partnership, or CPTPP – will be signed in Chile in March after Canada withdrew its remaining objections.

Labour has every reason to gloat. It’s not just the economic boon the deal signals for our exporters now the lucrative Japanese market is about to be opened up to us for the first time – though that is significant.

It’s the political signal it sends that this Labour Government is as pragmatic, and sure footed, on free trade as it ever was under Helen Clark.

It also leaves National with egg on its face over its fearmongering before the election that a Labour Government would shut New Zealand out of the TPP goldrush.

But Jacinda Ardern and her ministers have been careful not to overdo the celebratory speeches.

Ardern’s predecessors played to the left wing rank and file by waxing and waning on the deal, which sparked a wave of protest marches and galvanised the anti-globalisation movement.

But in Government?walking away from the TPP was never an option for Ardern. It would have caused a crisis of business and investor confidence.

Here is Phil Twyford and Meka Whaitiri marching in protests against the TPPA:

Labour opposed the TPPA, and now they are going to claim success. They are grandstanding hypocrites.

They can’t even pass the legislation without relying on National.

And what was Jacinda saying about capitalism failing…and now she is going to try and claim success for a neoliberal free trade agreement that based entirely upon the success of capitalism as an economic system.

The silence from the left-wing howlers and screamers is palpable. They won’t say a word because it is their team who is in government now.

Giovanni Tiso and Jane Kelsey may be Marxist harpies but they are at least consistent in their world view. They should be admired for that, even if they are wrong.

Just to show their utter hypocrisy, here is David Parker speaking outside the US Embassy during the TPPA protests:

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He is now being lauded as the hero behind the revised TPP agreement…which BTW still has secret text that won’t be released until signing…something else these hypocrites accused the former government of.