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Dr Edmund Pribitkin, after enjoying an enriching cultural experience in the World’s Most Liveable City. Pic: Nine News

A gang of teenagers-of-no-particular-description went on a rampage of terror and violence in Melbourne last week. Their targets seem to have been tourists visiting the Australian Open.

THE daughter of a highly acclaimed US doctor who was viciously bashed by a gang of youths alongside his teenage son after leaving the Australian Open says her family are in shock.

Physician Edmund Pribitkin, 52, was put in an induced coma with serious head injuries and his son Edik, 17, concussed with a broken nose after the violent alleged robbery at the Queen Victoria Gardens about 11.30pm on Wednesday.

Charges relating to the incident say one of the youths intentionally caused serious injury to the victim in circumstances of ?gross violence?? in that at the time of the assault the victim was ?incapacitated??.

Later that night the same group allegedly set upon and robbed three German tourists in Melbourne for the Open, believed to be aged in their 20s.

?Youths?, ?group?, ?teens?: all bland, non-informative descriptions. It?s almost as if police don?t want to discuss these thugs? appearance. I mean, who could they possibly be?

A gang of youths roaming the city faced court accused of bashing the tourists.

Gang? Hang on, that sounds a bit harsh. I thought we were still calling them “networked offenders”?

But a?gang of youths roaming the city, bashing strangers in the street, and stealing mobile phones? It?s almost like this is becoming a familiar story in Melbourne. One that almost always seems to feature a certain type of offender.

Anyone want to bet what that type will be? Hmm. Then there?s this:

Police are hunting for a group of women who attacked another female in a Southbank lift on New Year’s Day.

The group, believed to be African in appearance, is also thought to be behind another incident in the same lift the following morning.

?Believed to be African in appearance?? Well, that?s just racist. I mean, come on, they?re obviously Chinese:

Caution: People in this picture may appear to be African. Pic: The Age.

But the point here is not about promulgating xenophobic conspiracy theories. It?s about police and governments so blatantly lying to citizens.

Just as when it?s reported that Two French-born brothers attacked the Charlie Hebdo offices, even the most obtuse reader is going to twig that the press are hiding something. I mean, ?French-born?? Obviously, Jacques and Pierre Doubois were just another pair of stripey-shirt wearing, baguette waving Frenchmen on the rampage. Oh, wait: the Kouachi brothers? And their accomplice Amedy Koulibaly?

Suddenly the story takes on another dimension. Almost as if it fits into a pattern of violent attacks perpetrated across Europe, and the rest of the world. As if there?s something going on, here.

Of course, this may well turn out to not be an African gang. But that kind of underscores the point: authorities have been steadfastly deceiving us about African crime in Melbourne. So when police appear to be hiding something – as they do, here (almost every crime report will include a description of the offenders) – people are simply inclined to reach for obvious conclusions.

Authorities have created an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion.

As Theodore Dalrymple said, of Communist societies: When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself.

The authorities are lying to us. We know they?re lying to us, and even the most delusional politician has got to know that we know.

When the press, police and government collude to systematically deceive the people with the most obvious lies, the contract of basic trust between the people and the authorities is eroded away. Society becomes broken in a fundamental way.


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