The Suspension Of Knock: Tony Abbott Dares To Be Proud Of His Country

Since 1788, Australia has grown into a free, liberal democracy. Leftists hate it.

Like a less flamboyant Donald Trump, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has a knack for saying what everyone thinks, but that Leftist inquisitors have deemed unsayable.

Australia Day: ‘British settlement a good thing’: Abbott

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has described the British settlement of Australia as a “very good thing” as he savaged Bill Shorten for failing to defend Australia Day and stand up to “extremists in his own ranks”.

Mr Abbott said British settlement was something all Australians “on balance” could celebrate and criticised Labor for being “ambiguous” about the date of Australia Day.

It’s an article of faith for Leftists that the arrival of the British in Australia was a crime, a disaster, a shame, and that modern Australia is “stolen” and “illegitimate”. School children are solemnly taught that Australia was “invaded” by Europeans.

But, as Tony Abbott puts it:

“Why are these people so embarrassed about our country? … we can’t be ambiguous about our country: Australia is a great country, we are not perfect but we are as good as anywhere and yes we must work as hard as we can to make ourselves better but we don’t do that by wallowing in a kind of endless carping self-criticism.”

For the Left, on the other hand, self-hatred is the pinnacle of virtue. But, as the great Australian poet, Les Murray, asks in his poem, The Suspension of Knock, “Where will we hold Australia, we who have no other country? Not Indigenous, merely born here.”

For Leftists, “the elite Revolution that rules unsullied by elections”, the supposed illegitimacy of our nation means that white Australians are indelibly racist. It’s the Australian Leftists’ original sin.

This is, as Murray says, “a racism practised only against ourselves”.

Tony Abbott is having none of this.

“British settlement was a very good thing, it wasn’t good immediately for everyone but the country, the modern Australia that emerged from British settlement stemming from the 26th of January 1788, is something that all of us on balance can and should be proud of.”

Indigenous leader Jacinta Price agrees:

“I’m not just indigenous. I’m half white Australian, and I wouldn’t be here today if they hadn’t arrived, and neither would many mixed heritage indigenous people who speak out against the date,” Ms Price told ABC radio.

“I don’t see how the date (of January 26) itself denies parts of our history. I think it’s actually significant for our history to recognise that.”

Modern Australia is a liberal democracy which scores 98/100 on the Freedom House Freedom in the World score, ranks in the top countries on the Global Peace Index, and in the Top 5 for economic freedom. Tony Abbott is right. The past cannot be undone, but the Australia that has been built since 1788 is not something to be ashamed of.

– The Australian

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