That’s not a gift, it’s a very short barcode

When you are a new mother everyone and his dog has an opinion?about you and your baby. Complete strangers?want to touch your tummy and when the baby is born some even feel free to reach out and touch your baby when you are shopping in the supermarket. I imagine that it must be a hundred times worse for our PM. The Ratana church, in fact, has seen fit to “gift” her a name for her baby.

[…] Ratana chair Andre Mason said the gift for her baby was of a middle name – Te Waru. It means ‘eight’ and is a reference to the 8th of November 1918 – the date the prophet Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana had the divine revelation that led to his founding of the Ratana Church in 1925.

It might be politically correct to give your child a number as a middle name and it might prove useful if you have a large family in order to keep track of them all but ‘ eight’ as a middle name, really? That’s not a gift it is a very short barcode.

Baby Barcode

One of the many things that irritated me when I was pregnant was people volunteering?names for our baby. Some even came on quite strongly explaining why I should go with their choice. One person wanted me to name my daughter after their mother. I privately grumbled that if she had wanted her mother’s name to live on she should have named her daughter after her, lord knows why she expected me to give up my hard earned right to name the fruit of my loins.

In fact, when it came to names I was quite unreasonable. I told Cam that since he only got the pleasurable part of the making of our baby I would expect to get things my way when it came to names. If it was a girl I told him that it would be my choice. If he hated the name I would select another one but ultimately I would make the final decision. If it was a boy I said he could make the final decision from a list of boy’s names that I liked. It worked out well in the end and we were both happy but then Cam knows how to pick his battles and he?knew that was one battle he was never going to win.

Jacinda Ardern has been very politically correct in her response to the ” gift” of a name. Personally, I would have responded, Karl, Eight Ardern? You have got to be kidding me!

-NZ Herald