If I was a Union member I wouldn’t want this guy negotiating my pay rise


What kind of a negotiator declares the negotiation over when a couple of things don’t go his way?

Answer: A bad one a top Palestinian negotiator.

Incredibly, “Top” Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat has declared that the peace process ?is over?

He further strained his credibility as an effective negotiator when he stated that when President Trump announced that America would provide $60 million to the U.N. Relief and Welfare Agency (UNRWA) while withholding a further $65 million for now, (in an attempt to bring The Palestinian negotiators back to the table to discuss peace), he wasn’t withholding charitable aid, he was abandoning America’s international?obligations.

He ignores the valid concerns that the aid money has found its way to the terror group Hamas and that it has caused dependency on International aid which has made the situation worse. He also ignores the fact that removing the aid is a consequence of the Palestinian negotiation team’s refusal to accept any of the many,many peace deals put to them over the years where Israel has made multiple concessions?(including giving up land) In stark contrast the Palestinians negotiators stance has remained the same. No recognition of the State of Israel whatsoever. No compromise.

Could you at least meet him half way?

In this?video, he tries to blame Trump for any violence that happens in the future saying that 65 million less will cause desperate people to become violent. Perhaps if Hamas and The Palestinian authority stopped lining their pockets with all the international aid and making certain individuals very rich the people wouldn’t be so desperate. The corruption in Palestine is terrible. Money meant for building schools and hospitals and infrastructure are instead used to build massive concrete terror tunnels and to purchase rockets and other weapons. Recently 50 Million was spent by the Palestinian Authority on the?purchase of a new luxury jet for President Mahmoud Abbas.

Saeb Erekat has met his match. He can throw his toys out of the cot all he likes but he is holding a losing hand. If there was never any hope of peace to start with how does his refusal now to go back to the table hurt America? They get the exact same result but get to save 65 million dollars. On the other hand, if the Palestinian negotiation team stop their arrogant, demanding?and bullying ways and learn to compromise like a top negotiation team does they will be able to gain back the lost aid.

The only International obligation America has is to do all it can to promote peace. When faced with pig-headed negotiators like Saeb Erekat there is only one language he will understand and that is the language of power. Trump has it and the Palestinians don’t like it one little bit! I don’t care if they claim America is not a neutral party. No so-called neutral party has had any success so far brokering peace in the Middle East. I say it is time to crack some heads. The Palestinians have controlled the so-called peace process for far too long with their unreasonable and rigid demands. They need a slap down and Trump has delivered it.