Whaleoil does research for the NZ Herald…again…but they still ran Fake News story anyway

AirAsia flight crew.

The NZ Herald has lost even more credibility after running a fake news item that was days old about the so-called angry doctor upset over AirAsia uniforms.

That was yesterday, by the evening they were running a story about how there were serious questions about the story.

First a little bit of history.

Fairfax ran the story first on their Stuff website, after pinching the outrage off of social media. That was 6 days ago.??

In the article they also said:

“Robertson acknowledged the letter when contacted by Stuff but refused to comment further.”

I have a screenshot because I suspect they will try to delete that line from their story.

Spanish Bride, ably assisted with research by Sally, called the whole story into question. That was four days ago.

Then yesterday the NZ Herald ran the whole story as though it was real, days after Stuff ran it.

On the NZ Herald Facebook page, there were comments alerting the fools at the NZ Herald that it was Fake News.



That is pretty embarrassing for the NZ Herald. Having links to Whaleoil posted on their own Facebook page pointing out that they’ve run fake news…and days late. Spanish Bride and Sally had comprehensively destroyed this whole story.

So, what is a news outlet to do when busted running fake news? They make out like their cunning reporters have rumbled the whole deal.

They then pretty much cut and paste our own article and probably lifted the images as well.

The upshot is this. Both Fairfax/Stuff and the NZ Herald have been busted running a fake news story, lifted from social media, that a few easy checks showed that there was a very high chance that this was fake news.

Spanish Bride and Sally did what these “decent journalists, trained and skilled” didn’t do. They checked the details and found them wanting.

Fairfax has a special mention because they claimed they had contacted the non-existent doctor. They even said as much.

It is examples like this that show how deeply untrustworthy the mainstream media are in NZ.

I think I might write to Shayne Currie and ask that Spanish Bride and Sally be attributed as the author of their latest article…they did all the work after all.

The funny thing is the NZ Herald could have avoided all this with a few google searches which would have shown there were doubts in the first place.

They should have just killed the original story quietly.

All this will do is highlight the fact they ran fake news 3 days after it was called out.
-NZ Herald, Stuff, WOBH