Will pregnancy be our PM’s super power?

Kryptonite is Superman’s one weakness that can cancel out all his powers,

Martyn Martin Bradbury on the Daily Blog seems to think that Jacinda Ardern’s pregnancy will act like Kryptonite on Super Man aka the National Party.

“How does National attack a pregnant Jacinda?” he asks as if feminism doesn’t exist. I instead pose the question, why would a woman’s pregnancy mean that it isn’t business as usual in politics?

He does, however, have a point as some of us noticed that Bill English seemed reluctant during election debates to go really hard on Jacinda. Some speculated it was because she was a woman and because he was too gentlemanly to be brutal. Now that she is pregnant will he again hold back for fear of looking bad and dare I say it, making her cry?

The shrill scream that chills the blood you are hearing are National strategists throwing all their new year attack plans against the wall ? how does National attack a pregnant Jacinda?

On Twitter, I read tweets from labour supporters who think that the strategy from the right will be something called? “concern trolling” where our attacks will be cleverly camouflaged?with our concern for her health and mental well-being.

If National feed an attack on Jacinda they are going to unleash all the worst angels of their nature. From conspiracy theories to outright burn-witches-at-the-stake level sexism, focusing on Jacinda is a dangerously risky line that is doomed to failure.

Surely it would be sexist to treat her differently because she is pregnant? It would go against all the left’s arguments that not only are both genders equal they are also exactly the same as gender is only a social construct. If Jacinda was “pregnant man” would we be allowed to go hard on her then?

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Trystan Reese is a trans man who is expecting a baby with his partner

[…] Attacking a pregnant woman in a society that worships the cult of Motherhood would be a kamikaze approach and personalising the attack against Jacinda could back fire terribly in two ways.

The first is that it just looks like bullying and the vast majority of people will simply have their primordial reptile brain impulse to immediately defend a pregnant member of the tribe switch on and turn against the attacker with full frontal fury.

You lose when you attack a pregnant woman. Always.

The second more dangerous angle is that by attacking Jacinda, National opens the doorway to the criminally misogynistic hate vomit that has been sprayed around social media with the kind of carefree abandonment of a militantly malicious Tom cat over the last 24 hours.

Some of the comments on Kiwiblog and the Young Nats Facebook page are just [redacted]?spectacular in their scumbaggery. I mean, I appreciate the spectrum of humanity is a wondrously broad and gloriously diverse rainbow, but [redacted] me some people seem to live in a reality that skipped the Renaissance, Enlightenment and basic Universal Human Rights.

[…] If National feed an attack on Jacinda they are going to unleash all the worst angels of their nature.[…]? focusing on Jacinda is a dangerously risky line that is doomed to failure.

So basically what we are being told here (by someone who is supposed to believe in equal rights) is that our PM is a delicate petal who must be left alone and given special treatment because our own supporters will be revolted if we treat her as the equal of a man.

Thankfully Martyn Martin in his wisdom tells us who we are allowed to attack and he helpfully draws a very large target on the backs of the unions.


This means National?s next line of attack, the Unions, must reap them a larger harvest because attacking Jacinda is simply off the cards unless National are serious about regressing as a modern political party that would put them socially in the early 1900s.[…]