They are women, hear them … say nothing at all

Third Wave Feminists think women are too weak to say no. Germaine Greer begs to differ.

Interviewing a #MeToo feminist recently, Tucker Carlson was incredulous at her assertion that, “in the 70s, women would have slapped men, but now they don’t? You’re saying that despite almost 50 years of non-stop feminist indoctrination of every living American, women have become more passive, and less willing to speak up for themselves?”

Well, one famous woman has never been afraid to speak up for herself, and Germaine Greer has come out, all guns blazing, again. Greer apparently agrees with Carlson about the wilting passivity that the #MeToo movement encourages.

Germaine Greer challenges #MeToo campaign

[…] women facing sexual harassment should take direct and immediate action against the men preying on them.

“I want, I’ve always wanted, to see women react immediately,” she said.

“In the old days, there were movies – the Carry On comedies, for example – which always had a man leering after women. And the women always outwitted him – he was a fool.

“We weren’t afraid of him and we weren’t afraid to slap him down.

Greer also has harsh words for the Hollywood women who have played along with the casting couch culture for decades but have now suddenly decided to jump on the latest leftist bandwagon.

“if you spread your legs because he said ‘be nice to me and I’ll give you a job in a movie’ then I’m afraid that’s tantamount to consent, and it’s too late now to start whingeing about that”

“I want women to react here and now. I want the woman on a train who feels a man’s hand where it shouldn’t be … to be able to say quite clearly, ‘Stop.’ “

Indeed. I remember my own Mum expressing derision at the “Ormond College affair”, in Melbourne in the 90s, an early cause celebre of nascent Third Wave Feminism. But Mum was dismissive of the whole thing. “What is wrong with these women?” she’d snort. “If a woman can’t tell a drunken lecher where to go, how weak is she?”

[Greer] was disappointed that French actress Catherine Deneuve backed away recently after she and 100 French women signed an open letter regretting the #MeToo movement was portraying women as powerless victims.

Hell hath no fury like the sisterhood scorned. It will be instructive to watch the “outrage” that will predictably pullulate from the bullying, blue-haired harpies of Third Wave Feminism. In the Ormond College fracas, iconic feminist author Helen Garner made the mistake of siding with the accused man. Her career and reputation were destroyed.

But Germs is nothing, if not a fearless pot-stirrer. She’s faced down the shrieking Furies of Third Wave Feminism before.

In 2012, Greer was confronted about her comments on the ABC’s Q&A that then-prime minister Julia Gillard had a “fat arse” …She has also been criticised for claiming trans women were not “real women”.

Well, she was just stating facts.

But then – facts are kryptonite to leftists and feminists.

– The Age

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