February 2018

Wednesday Nightcap

If only 100 people lived on earth

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Wednesday Weapons

Korean K2 MBT

The moment you realise Falcon Heavy Centre Core isn’t coming back

The harsh reality of Alpha Male life

Daily roundup

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Let’s talk: The correct way to cut toast

What is the correct way to cut toast?
How did your Mum cut your toast?
How do you cut your toast?
Does anyone have a spouse like mine who insists that the toast is cut ‘the correct way’?
Is there a logical reason why one way is better than another?
Does toast cut the ‘wrong way’ annoy you?


Another Steve Joyce corporate welfare jobbie gone wrong

Steve Joyce just loved giving away government money with no prospect of a return.

He ran Callaghan Innovation as a corporate welfare slush fund.

Yesterday another recipient of millions in taxpayer cash from Callaghan Innovation has sold out and the shareholders have pocketed the cash themselves:

The offshore sale of a business receiving up to $25m in taxpayer funds is yet another example of the massive waste incurred from Callaghan Innovation’s corporate welfare spending, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams says, “BBC Technologies is receiving up to $5 million a year in taxpayer-funded R&D grants, across five years. The company has now been sold to a corporate from the other side of the world, taking any taxpayer-funded IP with it.”

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