99% of New Zealanders have too easy a life

I see complete and utter amazement time after time on Whaleoil as to what are they thinking and/or doing?

This is aimed mainly at the political classes, and then moves on to the left in general.

People suspect a one-world government, or a destruction of Western civilization to be at the core of these seemingly incredulous decisions and action by the political classes and the left, in general.

As I come with a perspective shaped outside Western countries, and I’ve seen the same forces and their consequences in play a few times before in different settings, allow me to offer another viewpoint on this, or don’t.

I will, regardless.  

As life in the West became increasingly easy, people looked for the next challenge, or fight, as how to better mankind. This is part of the human condition. It led to slaves’ right, women’s right, minorities’ rights, cumulating in human rights. Part of the human condition is to continue looking for the next betterment, the next evolutionary step to take.

As the West won each of these rights, the next one became the focus. The West did, however, reach a point where life became too easy. None of the real struggles of the past were left to be conquered. The human condition, however, continues to push us to “evolve” further and win the next fight.

Thus, a fight without a cause was borne in the West; a deep feeling that we must do something to distinguish ourselves as better than our predecessors.

We must “evolve”, we must change something to make the world a better place, and everyone a better person.

The West became so successful that almost all previous generations’ problems were, if not eliminated, at least hidden from the majority of the general public.

People in the West do not experience hardships like droughts, famine and pestilence anymore, as the West was successful in either eliminating or negating enough to not have the public suffering from them.

Yes, NZ gets droughts. But, when was the last time you could not buy apples or bananas or milk due to a drought?

Exactly. The West was successful in ensuring previous challenges do not affect the public in a meaningful way anymore. They are merely something we read about and hear about in the news.

This includes crime, except for the unfortunate few directly impacted by crime. Crime became something the public saw on the news, while leaving their doors unlocked and their cars out on the street.

You can see this phenomena in most people as they age. They experience the not-so-niceties of life, and their perspectives shift followed by their political leanings.

Unless something sheltered them from bad experiences throughout life, that is, and normally money and political classes are sheltered from the bad conditions throughout life.

You can also see it in urban and rural classes, with urban classes normally better sheltered against the problems faced by rural classes.

This sheltered lifestyle affords people of these classes the luxury of pushing for the next evolution and betterment to happen, as they never experienced the issues that invariably come as drawbacks from a lot of their positions.

As they have never experienced truly-broken-that-cannot-be-fixed first hand, they adamantly believe that all people are fixable and salvable.

As they never had money or job issues, they do truly believe that whites, especially white males, just get given everything that minorities and women have to work hard for.

As their kids are not at risk by a predatory paedophile being released after only five years in jail, they truly believe he is rehabilitated.

As they have never met anyone who’s experienced a home invasion, let alone experienced a home invasion themselves where the product of an unhappy childhood took a liking to your 15-year-old daughter, they truly believe the invader can be rehabilitated and helped and saved.

As they have never experienced the horror known as war or terrorism, they truly believe the people committing these horrors need help not punishment.

The political classes and the left, in general, do not believe or do any of these things  whether it is more rights for minorities, or lesser sentences for criminals, or more issue-causing refugees  because they want to destroy the West or want a one-world government.

They do these things as it is part of the human condition. From the lives they experience, they are looking for the next evolution in being human, failing to notice that their experiences are exclusively for the lucky few in the world. The average person, however, experiences life in a completely different way.

Believe me, they do not do it out of spite, or hate, or anything bad, but rather from something extremely good: the next evolution of being human from their perspective.

As these perspectives are fact shaped, but emotionally driven, you can never win over emotions with facts.

You can either hope that their experiences show them the new facts, to change their emotions, or fight back with emotions, showing them how their decisions can also hurt other people.

One of the problems you will experience when fighting back with emotions is the ability of people to blame anything or anyone else for the problem, to protect their own current emotions.

Thus, you get capitalism has failed, instead of some people are failures. Or, prisons don’t work because they do not rehabilitate, instead of some people are unfixable.

My view on this?

Sit back and enjoy the show, because you gave away your rights to change anything to the government a long time ago, and political classes are protected to the end.

The day John Key ignored a referendum of 86% of the population against the anti-smacking law, came on TV and said it was working as intended so he won’t change it, and still became the most-liked PM after that, was the day I realised the NZ public already gave up all power to the political class.

You could also hope for a Trump-like figure, who willingly gives the power back to the people, although we still need to see if he will or not, in the end, although I do not think the NZ public are willing to take it back yet.

That’s because 99% of New Zealanders have had a too easy life, and their perspective is that government control is, if not good, not something to actively fight against.

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A guest post submitted to Whaleoil and edited by Whaleoil staff.

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