Book Review of the Day – Night after Night

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Todays review came from Jonathan

Night after Night by Max Lambert

Jonathan said: “The role of Bomber Command and the use of area bombing in defeating Hitler?s Germany has become one of the most contentious aspects of allied war planning. However, as an amateur military historian, I feel that questioning the use of area bombing is a luxury we enjoy precisely because young men were prepared to strap themselves into Wellingtons, Hampdens, Stirlings, Halifaxes and Lancasters and subject themselves to operational stresses that we can scarcely imagine, suffering a horrific attrition rate to help defeat Nazism and win the war.

One book that does a great deal to help understand what it was like on operations is Night after Night. It?s the stories of New Zealanders in Bomber Command, collected by Max Lambert from surviving aircrew and so provides a unique insight into what it was like to climb into your aircraft, night after night, and fly on operations. The great narrative text follows the linear course of the war, and takes the reader from training through to operations and the end of the War. The text is peppered with quotes and reminisces from the aircrew about their experiences in combat, in squadron life and as POWs.

A thoroughly good read and highly recommended.

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